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February 09, 2011 08:50PM
I have many cogent reasons for being a vegan.


Support of population research - The China Study and similar studies that point to disease prevention

Support of clinical research - especially by the 50 plus years of clinical blood work observation at Hippocrates Health Inst. indicating stronger immune systems of guest who follow plant-based diets. For me this overrides so many subjective, ideological or personally -biased opinions of those usually not in clinical practice or conducting no systematic blood-work to based their opinions on.

Evidence of lower toxic loads - Flesh organisms tend to have more complex cellular structures which seem less able, then simple plant structures, to eliminate toxic loads. The larger and more complex the flesh organism is, the more it accumulates toxins.


Lower footprint - Plant-based diets have an immensely lower environmental footprint.

Most powerful reversal - Vegan diets can thereby help reverse global warming and the overall destruction of our planet


Compassion - A vegan diet expresses compassion for animals who are treated worse than holocaust camp victims in massive animal factory farms.

Higher Consciousness - If consciousness is at the core of life and represents a universal relationship of connection underlying all of nature, then compassion (connecting us to other akin life forms on a deeper feeling level) raises consciousness, increases our aliveness. Machines are dead/unconsciousness and do not feel. Mechanical assembly-line factory farms express a loss of consciousness and compassion.
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