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val val
Hello everyone!
March 19, 2010 08:56PM
I'm Val, "VeganVal" on several sites. I'm vegan (obviously!) of Indian descent. I moved to Tennessee from California a little over a year ago for a couple reasons. While the vegan activities out here aren't as abundant as in CA, it's still good, and I'm beginning to enjoy being out here. I'll probably remain here for at least another year, maybe longer, maybe not .... who knows at this point ?? winking smiley

I'd love to meet other vegans, vegetarians and animal lovers. I rescue animals, and try to find them good homes. The treatment of animals is pretty bad out here. Well, I guess that's an unfair comment, but I'd never heard of "outside dog" vs "inside dog" until I moved to TN. They actually call you and ask "Is that an outside or inside dog?" And I usually think, "WTF???" but I say "All my dogs are inside dogs".

Would love to meet more vegans and vegetarians!

Have a wonderful day everyone! winking smiley
Re: Hello everyone!
March 19, 2010 11:41PM
I'm an inside dog too. grinning smiley
val val
Re: Hello everyone!
March 21, 2010 04:31PM
So glad you're an inside dog as well! I hate to think about dogs that end up with people who don't believe in that ;(
Re: Hello everyone!
March 20, 2010 06:42AM
Hi Val,
Nice that you are trying to help animals. I have yet to understand people who keep a dog on a huge chain and never give the dog any human attention, except for feeding time. I cringe at the deplorable dog conditions.
I have two female mixed breed dogs (one is 3 yrs and one is 15 months) and they are inside/outside, since they have a doggie door to come and go from the breezeway to a fenced in area. Some of my friends are not dog lovers, so I have infrequent visitors...that is ok..I have my dogs, who love me.
Today is sunny and to be warmer so we will be taking a long walk. Both dogs don't walk together, so I get my exercise!
Enjoy your weekend.


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val val
Re: Hello everyone!
March 21, 2010 04:32PM
Nice to meet you, Tish. I agree that it's horrible for dogs to be chained. I don't get that way of thinking. It's so sad. Your dogs are lucky to have you! winking smiley
Re: Hello everyone!
March 22, 2010 08:44PM
Hi Val!

I lived in NC for two years (i'm from NY) and I discovered what a challenge it was to be in an area that had such different values and beliefs regarding food and animals. I did my best to alleviate the feral cat population and assist with new homes for lost dogs.
I now live in Las Vegas, Nevada and have found some wonderful groups here (VegasVeg in particular).

And I understand where you are coming from with the "inside dog" situation. I don't understand that point of view and never did even as a kid.

I hope you enjoy your life whether you remain in TN or return to CA!

Jennifer Sad Doggy
val val
Re: Hello everyone!
April 05, 2010 06:51PM
Hi Jennifer,

I don't remember responding to your post, however if I have already responded, please just disregard this message. I too work to help dogs out here in TN and also feral cats, a well as domesticated cats, but I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. For every animal that I've rescued and found a home, I've had several other euthanized. It's depressing. I've moved to a larger town now (just a couple days ago) and now I'm closer to Nashville, with more like-minded people, but the same problems still exist, just not on such a large scale. My new neighbor has 2 dogs that are constantly "locked up". Their pit bull is in a cage, 24/7, and he has apparently been in that cage for the past 3 years. I watched her feed him yesterday; she had a container of dry food, and she threw it into his cage. Not a word was said to him, and he's not touched at all. The little dog is on a chain, 24/7. I don't know what to say, or do, it's so depressing. I don't want to get close to the dogs as I know I will leave someday, and that's not fair to them. I've just left about 40 dogs behind, and I've been going back to see them everyday. It's sp depressing. I'm exhausted from all the driving, and most nights I only get 3 - 4 hours sleep. I'm not complaining, just letting a like-minded person know how horrible things are for animals out here.

What are your thoughts on euthanizing an animal after you've tried for months, even years to find him / her a home and are unable to do so ? In a perfect world, you'd have space for him (dog or cat) and he'd get along with all your other rescues, but what if that's not the case, and what if you really can't manage anymore ? Also when you rescued, did you have a time frame for getting the animals adopted ? I'm a one-woman-rescue, no help from anyone, neither financially, nor physical assistance with the animals, and I sometimes get animals out of the larger "rescues" but some are unfortunately unadoptable. I think it's kinder to put them to sleep if unable to find them homes months later, rather than leaving them in a cage at a "shelter". Any thoughts on that ?


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