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First Introductions
March 03, 2009 08:15AM
Welcome to the Veggie-Dating group! smiling smiley

Please introduce your yourself and share a little about what interests you here, how long you've been veg, etc...

If you have any questions, just PM me or leave a not on my chat page.

PS: It's recommended that you change your setting in your profile to allow others to view your age & gender since it's relevant to this group.
My introduction! smiling smiley
March 03, 2009 08:18AM

I'm here in search of friends, activity partners, travel companions and/or folks to visit with when I travel. In hopes of connecting with such people, I've decided to do an introduction and tell you all a bit about myself. Please be sure to ask any questions you may have here and/or to contact me by PM. smiling smiley

About me and my interests:

- I currently live in Portland, Oregon, usa -aka- Vegan HQ. I love Cascadia, the bio-region where I live and if forced to choose a region of the planet to spend the rest of my days in - this would be it!

- I'm Daddy to 3 wonderful young vegans who I'm happy to have involved in most aspects of my life. If we are so fortunate to meet in person, you will likely meet them too!

- I've had a vegan diet for 20ish years now and this is very important to me. I'm happy to meet just about any cool person but I'm most interested in having more in-depth friendships with vegans or near-vegans.

- On a related note: I love to eat! I'll try pretty much any vegan food but generally prefer wild, raw, local, organic, natural foods. I'm particularly fond of blueberries, watermelon, fresh and multi-colored salads, dark chocolate with nuts - and Thai!

- My education so far includes a good deal of life experience, traveling far less than I'd like to have but probably a lot more than most folks, continually pursuing my love of reading, learning by observation, volunteering in a variety of settings, many varied self-initiated and/or work-related trainings - plus a bit of college.
I'm just getting started and eagerly look forward to learning more from all of the paths listed above and many more!

- I love to travel and would love to do so nearly continuously. So far I've visited (at least briefly) most US states, British Columbia & Quebec in Canada, Chihuahua y Sonora in Mexico & Costa Rica. Hopefully I'll be able to travel many more places nearby & worldwide! I prefer to go where people and nature are valued more than money and industry.

Can I come visit you? Want to come visit me?

- Here's a list of some of my personal interests and things that I like: helping others and helping others help themselves - learning and sharing what I've learned - wild lands: forests, hills, mountains - hot springs - islands - books, bookstores and libraries - trains, trams and ferries - riding bicycles - diy/free living and travel - camping, hiking and generally just being in nature - wild edible plants - emergency and natural medicine - meeting people - developing deep and lasting friendships - sharing tasty and nutritious vegan food - social justice - personal freedom - ecological sustainability and simple living - recreational and competitive shooting - defense training of many types - learning other languages besides english - flea markets, yard sales, swap meets, trade circles AND so much more!

What I look for in others: positivity, honesty, open-mindedness, enthusiasm, child-friendliness, kindness, compassion and shared interests.

So that's a bit about me: please tell me about yourself or better still: get in touch! smiling smiley[b][/b]
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Re: My introduction! smiling smiley
March 08, 2009 08:08PM
wow, you have a wide variety of interest. I'm a Singaporean staying in Shanghai, China right now. If you ever feel like travelling to the asia, feel free to contact me. I can offer a bit of advice. And if you are travelling to the country i'm in, i'll be most glad to take you around. I've not been to USA yet.
Re: My introduction! smiling smiley
May 12, 2011 11:38AM
hi, I joined yesterday...
Im a vegetarian lady, living basicly in Holland, traveling to india...right now staying in USA, Ilinois.I would like to find a good friends here .I have been vegetarian for 20 years
I hope to meet here realy spiritual friends...see you!!!!

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March 03, 2009 08:22AM
Hi I just moved to Chicago and am looking to find friends here or to get some advice as to the Vegan places [not just food]. Hey and if you know where the cute Vegan guys hang out, that would be much appreciated too! winking smiley

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Lets get going
March 03, 2009 08:36AM
Hi all,

Just thought that someone should start a conversation within this group and get the ball rolling.

My name is Andi and most people call me Cheese so please use whatever you wish (I prefer Cheese though). I have just finished a 9 year stint at a well known American bank who have now made me redundant (March 2008). I have decided to take on a 4 year university course studying Nutrition, Exercise and Health which starts in September and hope that i will work in the field of health and nutrition when i finish.

I have many interests including running a charitable catering project (Vegan) and use this to raise money for animal sanctuaries. I enjoy reading, music (very varied), films, drinking (a bad vice, i know). I also enjoy running (Jogging really) and will complete in this years London Marathon which has taken me over 15 months to get into shape for.

So that's about it for the time being and i hope others will contribute a little about themselves here and get this group up and running.


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Re: Lets get going
March 03, 2009 08:37AM
My name is Ania, I have been veggie from over 17 years. I am from Poland, but presently I live in UK. In 2 weeks I'm moving to Essex, I'm bit scared, because it's completely new environment, I don't know anybody there etc. But I hope everything is gonna be ok :-)
I enjoy reading, sports, going out, films and Sudoku :-)
I am generally friendly person tongue sticking out smiley

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Re: Lets get going
March 03, 2009 08:39AM

Please forgive the delay in a response i have only just noticed how this works.

Have you moved to Essex and if so where abouts?

I worked in Warsaw for about 12 months over a period of 4 years and enjoyed my time there very much, a great country.

Hope all is well with you


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Re: Lets get going
March 03, 2009 08:41AM
Thanks Cheese:

I'm gray. I decided a long time ago to make a difference I would pursue agriculture... I did this with an interest in fruit crops. Got a nice job (great boss!) breeding avocados! I developed (patented) three with him... Meanwhile at home I was growing everything I could collect. Then I came across dragonfruit (10 years ago). Well my love affair (includes breeding them!) has me now about ready to release several new varieties... I grow organically. Additionally I have my two boys here at home (North San Diego County) about 60%. They eat vegetarian like me--since their birth...

I think I am very easy-going and easily humored... Simply desire pleasant supportive partnership...

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Re: Lets get going
March 03, 2009 08:42AM
Hi everyone! I'm Clara. I'm a Singaporean and right now working in Shanghai, China. I've been vegetarian for only about 5 years. I would not say i'm a strict vegetarian, cos' I take milk, eggs, onions etc as well. It's not easy to find vegetarian in China as in Singapore. I'm always amazed at westerners committing themselves to a vegetarian diet. Why do you people convert?

Cheese, I've been thinking of studying a course along the line of nutrition and health as well. Pls tell me more about it.

Gray, always thought San Diego is a city and there's no place to farm. Maybe could visit your farm next time!

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Re: First Introductions
March 07, 2009 08:17PM
My name is Andrew and right now I am a full time student at CSUN getting my BA in Manufactured systems engineering and management, I'll be starting work in the summer. Right now I work as a security guard at a gated community.
I am a movie buff and a Tv fanatic, but I also enjoy playing sports (as opposed to watching them). I spend a lot of time with my close group of friends and family.
I guess I'm looking for a girl that has strong family ties, likes to kick back and watch a good movie or tv, enjoys dining out, and likes trying new things every once in a while.

I'm an eagle scout, a black belt, and I went to my Godparents acting school for about three years and have been in numerous commercials, but I decided I needed a steady income at the moment. Right now I am really work and family oriented but with school ending I am looking forward to getting to know someone great and having some fun in the process.

I really enjoy the Happycow site and the people on it, so if you see me in the chat feel free to say hi!
Re: First Introductions
April 02, 2009 12:13AM

I in 1980 I became a veggie of sorts. I was living in NYC at the time and it was fairly easy to change my habits. I like it. I am proud to be the weirdo in the room when it comes to finding whats on the menu in my early days, sometimes even now as it brings attention to the choices one can make and still look good. I hear the more raw food you eat the slower you age...I am turning 56 in October, my favorite month, because of Halloween and my b-day of course. Neither of my two kids were raised as a veggie, because I was the weirdo here too. Like many things, I feel this is a personal choice, and they have a right to decide what works for them and what doesn't. My daughter is almost there, my son seems to have an allergy to soy.
Single now and happy where I am. Looking to find a man who can be proud to stand next to me as I am six feet tall without shoes and I stand up straight. I am also an artist, some think an American icon like Wyeth, you decide...I am going back to my creations: www.denyerdesigns.com
Re: First Introductions
April 19, 2009 05:24PM

I've been vegan for nearly a year now and while I've lived all around the San Francisco Bay Area, I am presently in the North Bay, near Sebastopol, which is west of Santa Rosa. (If you check my profile, you'll see Cotati, which is my mailing address.)

I've tried on line dating sites, but with little success. And while statistically, I shouldn't expect to improve my prospects by limiting myself to a group comprising an estimated 0.2% of the population, the women I find attractive either smoke or are vegan. (Smoking is a deal breaker for me.) I try to link the dating sites to web pages I have up that enable me to escape their boxes, which I suspect no one fits in well.

I am a graduate student, finishing my master's degree in communication at CSU East Bay, and expecting to continue on towards a PhD in transformative studies at California Institute for Integral Studies this fall. I presently teach a class in public speaking, but as a teaching associate. This gig will disappear when I graduate (and job prospects in California right now, with an 11.2% unemployment rate and intractable budget problems, are not promising).

So I'm wondering just how it is that vegan guys and gals get together.
Re: First Introductions
June 26, 2009 10:32AM

I'm especially interested in meeting people in the Pacific NW, and especially the Seattle area, who would like to get together to do AR oriented things. Other places you might find me for extended periods of time are the NE Iowa and SE Minnesota areas. I prefer vegan-only restaurants when I can find them because I like to give my business for people with the gumption to take a stand for the animals. I admire people who live their values and want to support them whenever I can!

I'm still not sure about dating but if I meet the right person, maybe that will change. I'm more interested in companionship for exploring my world and doing good for the animals at this point.
Re: First Introductions
July 27, 2009 06:42AM
Hi Everyone,

My name is Angela and I've been a vegetarian for about 4 years, the last year of that I was a vegan, and I've currently changed my diet to adapt raw food. I'm 19 years old and am currently living in Tampa, Fl. Right now I'm attending school to get my BA in Art Studio, I've been drawing ever since I can remember, and over the past months have been experimenting with paint. Though I've met some people who carry the same rigor as I do when it comes to what I eat, I haven't met many. So, in saying that, I hope to meet some interesting people
Re: First Introductions
September 11, 2009 10:09AM
I live and work in Belfast in the North of Ireland.
I've been vegetarian since mid 80's. Have two energetic dogs - pity my energy levels don't match.
Finding veges here is difficult, most that say they are only play at it. NI lovely place though it rains - a lot.
Would love to met v friends. for outings shared interests

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Re: First Introductions
September 13, 2009 07:17PM
Hi Gabi!
I'll be your friend! I live kinda far away - but it rains a lot here too!
Re: First Introductions
September 15, 2009 05:00AM
Hi Cascadian
Good to have a friend even 1000's of miles away!
Yes I hear it's wet there too tho probably a good few degrees hotter than here.
You seem well travelled and a very content person - well done you.
I have travelled a bit e.g. Australia, Egypt, Europe, even Orlando (was disappointed in the Vege fare there) and even lived in London for two years, but was glad to come home (a homebird). Would like to do a bit more esp like to visit ruins in Mexico and South America as I like ancient monuments, but the dogs curtial that so will have to content myself just getting a few short holidays here and there - also save a few pennies (= cents/dimes).
Re: First Introductions
September 26, 2009 08:28PM
hello i am gabriella. i am 15 years old and live in Texas, but i am so waiting to get out of here and move to Santa Barbra. I love photography and plan to become an actress someday. I have been a vegetarian for about 4 months now so i am quite new to this. Music is what makes me live each day and the dream of one day helping out the whole world. I love life even though at times it doesnt love me back so much. The way i see life is it is our playground and even though we may fall down at times, we should just get right back up and keep playing!
You will most probably see me with a smile on my face. I am also a very random person, but you will NEVER be bord with me and you will always have a smile on your face!
Re: First Introductions
September 26, 2009 09:22PM
Thanks for the reply. I am not nearly so well traveled as I would like to be... Perhaps our paths will cross on the road someday!

It sounds like you have a very positive attitude - don't let anyone or anything ever take that away from you. Welcome to the group! smiling smiley
Re: First Introductions
October 17, 2009 04:02PM
Been vegetarian 20 years and vegan a year following a great presentation at the International Vegetarian Union congress in Dresden last year. I attended the one 2 years previously in Goa, India which was an experience!!.

I currently live in Spain (been here 5 years). Not the easiest place to be veggie in, but hopefully starting a local group very soon.

Interests include singing, salsa and 5 rhythms dance, spirituality reiki and good vegan food, of course.

Am looking for love, companionship, friends, travel companions and good conversationalists.

Nice to meet you smiling smiley
Re: First Introductions
October 17, 2009 04:13PM
Thanks for joining and for posting a great introduction! grinning smiley
Re: First Introductions
October 18, 2009 06:35PM
Hello everyone.
My name is Rachel. I have been a vegetarian from the age of 7, so that makes 15 years now, and I have just become a vegan.
The reason I choose this lifestyle is because I love animals so much and I can't bear thinking of them suffering, plus we don't need meat and I don't think people should use animals the way they do. They are beautiful and amazing and I think we should treat them with respect. I heard a great quote once: "We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form" makes you think!
I'm from Ireland and I love it (apart from the rain of course), I like to travel; I've been to America, Greece, Gran Canary, Spain and I'm going to New Zealand soon. I would love to go to Africa, Alaska, Australia, Canada, China, and India, everywhere really!
My interests are spending time with gizmo, walking in nice parks, reading, music, socialising, playing video games. Come on super Mario!!
I joined this site in order to meet like mind people!
Hope I make some friends.


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Re: First Introductions
October 18, 2009 11:26PM
Hi Rachel!
Great to see that you've joined. Thanks for the intro! It is wonderful that you've traveled so much - now come visit me & then smuggle me off to Kiwiland in your luggage! winking smiley
Re: First Introductions
November 25, 2009 08:07AM
Hi - I'm Sharon from NY (about 40 minutes from NYC so I get to enjoy the NYC veggie wonderland). Meeting like minded folks has become a lot easier which is great. Connecting with a life partner - well that's the difficult part so here I am. I too am on the various veggie dating sites. I also was on a mainstream site and dated someone for a few months but it just didn't work. I'm not saying that it can't work with an open minded non veg. It just didn't in this situation. I'm a youthful, fit mid 40s person (which blows my mind but it's just a number - right smiling smiley who works for the NYC school system. I am a compassionate and sensitive person who can be both intellectual and lighthearted. I live by a philosophy of respect and love for all living beings. I'm very genuine, loyal and a great listener. As a nurturing and honest individual, I am not afraid to acknowledge the "human condition" and am comfortable communicating about anything. I feel that keeping fit and nutritional awareness is crucial. I'm a pacifist, yet discovered boxing last summer and found it to be an amazing work out. Could never understand the sport but have an appreciation for it now. Where as I maintain a healthy mostly organic vegan lifestyle, I enjoy a good restaurant,wine (which has medicinal values of course smiling smiley) etc. I've been veg for 19 years now. I try to maintain a level of positiveness and optimism as well as an open mind. I'm a lifelong learner and enjoy sharing what I have learned and experienced.

Hope to meet some new friends
Re: First Introductions
November 25, 2009 10:11PM
New to this site. I've been a vegetarian since May 24th 2008. I currently reside in probably one of the least vegetarian/vegan friendly states. I am going to major in computer engineering and computer science.
Re: First Introductions
May 03, 2010 06:48PM
Hi Derrick:

It's firespark. I just joined the group today. Where is your veggie un-friendly city? I am in a small town in Upstate NY. I am working toward raw foodism so I am learning to work with just the regular grocery store. Are you still in school? I'm probably going for social work in Sept 2010. Well, write back and we'll chat.
Re: First Introductions
November 26, 2009 11:58PM
Welcome Sharon & Derrick! smiling smiley

Thanks for introducing yourself. Things are pretty slow here at the moment but this is a great group with a lot of potential and the best way to get the most from Veggie-Dating is by actively participating. Please be sure to join in the scheduled chat meet-up's and to "hang out" in the singles chat room whenever you like.
Re: First Introductions
December 26, 2009 06:54PM
Hello, I just joined & want to get connected to good people anywhere, but especially near me (probably won't happen but maybe someday!)

I am into Boating & Powersports (i do it for a living too.) and have been a vegetarian all of my adult life. I am a Christian vegetarian, which seems even more rare than the other beliefs out there in the vegetarian communities. I love the idea of preparing all of my meals from "scratch" but i never allow myself the time, so i just throw together some basic vegetables ect. into a pot & boil it up. Very boring, isn't it?
Re: First Introductions
March 07, 2010 04:18AM
Hi, I just joined and have been working hard at my new lifestyle for about a year. I'm a cancer survivor and Gulf War disabled veteran. Through research and trial and error I've found that this is the way to go. Many ask me if the change has been hard and really it's worked quite well. I enjoy culture, movies, music, reading, traveling and working out. It would be nice to meet like minded individuals here in San Jose, Costa Rica or when I travel to other countries. I wish everyone continued success and great health!
Re: First Introductions
May 03, 2010 06:43PM
Congratulations! I am glad to see you are getting results. That's what hooked me! Looks like most everyone is in CA or elsewhere, but I thought I would say hi anyway! Have a great night!
Re: First Introductions
May 03, 2010 06:40PM
Hi Everyone!

I'm Firespark! I live in New York right now, but will be moving to Southwest Virginia soon. I am looking to make some good veggie girlfriends and meet a nice vegan guy too, maybe! It's really hard to meet people who understand how you eat! Mostly, I am so glad to meet other vegetarians.

I have been a vegetarian for 5+ years and working up to raw foodism about a year of that. I love the way it makes me feel. I had been eating meat all of my life and I didn't know I could feel this good! Enough about me.

Anyone ever heard of the Essenes? I am very interested in those teachings. It is basically raw foodism. Has anyone ever heard of them before? For me, it's like Rastafarianism. I wear locks and agree with a lot of teachings, but always stick with my own beliefs.

Let me know what you think..
Re: First Introductions
June 03, 2010 07:49AM
Hi I'm KELI from Austin, TX. Luckily, we have quite a bit of vegetarian, vegan, and raw food restaurants, businesses and supermarkets that cater to a heathy lifestyle. But I am here to meet new people who share my passion for TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF and THE WORLD AROUND YOU....not for selfish reasons or marketing, but for the sake of Universal Love & Compassion.

I love the wilderness, traveling, hiking, being outdoors, music, dance, art, theatre, and creativity, in general. Meditation & Yoga are part of my daily life. I am a Spiritual person, but don't identify with any specific religion. Instead, I practice COEXISTENCE and the Power of Positive Thought. I do not drink alcohol or partake in any type of drug use (legal or illegal). I am vegetarian. Currently completing a Master Cleanse to enable a better Vegan transition. I have an aspiration to go Raw one day.

Living in a Sustainable Community is my dream. I am working on making that more of a reality; Patience is a Virtue.
I thrive among Nature! Although I live in a city, it's a city that doesn't drain my Energy. I love the trees, animals, running water, and the Life of Spring & Summer. Snow is not a favorite of mine. I was born here in Austin, so I am a true Texan where 90 degrees w some humidity is normal.

Some favorite places of mine (in warm weather) are Woodstock, NY - Taos, NM - San Fran - Ireland. I want to get to Oregon & Washington and take some time there...I lived in Boise, ID when I was 19 and really love that area of the US.

I'm on Facebook and other places on the web. You are welcome to find me - pls let me know this is where you know me from :-)

May your Life be Happy & Peaceful!
Re: First Introductions
June 05, 2010 01:39AM
Hi I'm Blair,
I first became a vegetarian 4 years ago then I've been vegan the past 2 years. However, I'm travelling at the moment and have gone back to vegetarian as I was struggling to find anything to eat! Really poor excuse I know but I will be vegan again soon...

I'm in Hobart, Tasmania at the moment then I'll be heading around the australian mainland in a couple of months. I love hiking, music, martial arts, seeing new places and meeting new people. Looking forward to getting the the US and retracing the steps of Jack Kerouac as best I can.

Always cool to meet and chat to other vegetarians/vegans, they're few and far between back home.

Re: First Introductions
June 05, 2010 07:24AM
Good to meet you Blair!

Understood - I had a difficult time staying veggie during my recent trip. Sometimes I ended up eating pastry w frozen spinach and/or bland salads - ugh!!! But I made it and it made the few Vegan meals I managed to find even more scrupmtious spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Safe Travels!
Re: First Introductions
June 06, 2010 03:46AM
Yeah it's quite hard when most the people you meet on the way don't even know what a vegan is lol. I'm eating vegan where I can but it's pretty tricky out here (in Tasmania at least).

Re: First Introductions
August 05, 2010 02:08AM
I am 56 years old. American from Colorado and living in England for over thirty years.

I play the guitar and am interested in all sorts of music.

I try to keep fit with swimming , bike riding and the gym.

I also enjoy meditating and have joined the local Sahaja Yoga group.
Re: First Introductions
August 21, 2010 09:55AM
Hello to all of you lovely veggies and vegans out there! Just joined today and am hoping to find friendship (reasonably local if pos) and maybe romance .... one day.
Have been a veggie for 22yrs. I love being out-doors most of all and belong to a local Ramblers group. However I also love to curl up on cold wintry days with a pot of tea, chocolate cake and a good film - fab!
I have a dry sense of humour and tell awful jokes - you have been warned : )
At the moment I work as an office manager within the NHS, which is more rewarding than it sounds.
I very much look forwad to being inudated with replies (fingers crossed - eek)
Re: First Introductions
August 25, 2010 01:35AM
Hello, Everyone!

I hope all is well with you! I live in New York City and I have been here for 10 years. I have a love/hate relationship with New York City. Although now that I am thinking about it....maybe it is the fact that it is "a city" that I hate and not "the city". Let me explain a little more about myself and it will become clear. I am a Taurus. I tend to do everything with passion so, there is an energy about me....I crave knowledge, learning, adventure, excitement, freedom, discovery, stability, and peace. Yet at the same time I'm a gentle, calm, compassionate, giving, sensible, easygoing soul who has a realistic outlook on life with great powers of endurance, strength, and a relentless persistence. There must be an element of beauty, magic, imagination, inspiration, and creativity in what I do so,....the arts, theatre, music and charitable work fulfills me.
Anyway, that's just a little bit about my nature, so, I'm sure you can understand why I love Manhattan especially since it has some of my favorite things....such as the Museums, Art Galleries, Antiques, Broadway, Off Broadway, Opera, any kind of music, any kind of dancing, any kind of charity work and New York City happens to have some fabulous vegan and vegetarian restaurants! However, I require some nature in my environment....I'm not talking about out-door, camping or fishing or even nature trails...."not that there's anything wrong with that". What I am talking about is a garden....with beautiful flowers, and gorgeous trees with soft, sweet smelling grass that you take your shoes off and curl your toes in....and breath fresh, clean air!

Well, I didn't mean to say so much since this is the first time I'm meeting you.....and I have to say you are very easy to talk to and a very good listener!

XOXO....................cleo 0922
Re: First Introductions
October 14, 2010 04:27PM
Hi all,
I spend most of my time these days cooking vegan food, socialising and drumming- I play West African djembe.
I moved to Manchester in May and have plans to start my own veg*n community centre... have been looking for premises for the last few months but it's taking time due to a limited budget and because I know exactly what I want and am waiting for it to come along.
I am a practising Buddhist and meditate daily... it helps to keep me calm and content.
I have been vegetarian for over 25 years and became vegan in June. I made the decision while watching the film Earthlings and am very pleased that it happened eventually.
I have been travelling a lot in Asia and in the UK over the past 3 years but am putting down roots in Manchester... it's a fab city.
Well, that's all for now... byeeee.
Re: First Introductions
November 05, 2010 10:37AM
Hey out there, new to the group, -new to on-line social networking in general, actually (-Being vegan will take you crazy places... -like into the twenty-first century with computers and everything!). How/where is this group communicating as of late? I'd get into a bit more of an introduction, but I'm not sure how many are checking in on this discussion.
Re: First Introductions
December 27, 2010 04:44PM
Hey Folks winking smiley,
New to the community aspect here, but have been using the locater resource since the early days. Just moved to Mendocino County California (NorCal)and am looking to connect with other vegans (and veggies) to build friendship, start some projects, and oh yeah - fall in love. So if you are in Mendo County, contact me and let's hang out - veg head style. And, if you are a single veg womyn who wants to meet an organic farming, mellow but active guy, (or you have a sister, auntie, cousin or friend that might), drop me a note.
Otherwise, I look forward to exploring the options here, and am always open to chatting. VegLove forever...
- Stephen
New York City
July 07, 2011 09:00PM
Hi everyone. Paul, Welsh, early fifties, but MUCH younger than my chronological age in appearance and attitude, due to my wonderful lifestyle in the arts and entertainment, living in Manhattan. Hoping to make new contacts in New York City and around the globe. I travel A LOT for work and Happycow is my savior! I've eaten at many incredible places that I would never have discovered without this excellent site.It would be great to have someone to eat with when I'm on the road - I eat a lot of meals alone Sad.

I am the co-orgamizer of what we think is the world's largest vegetarian/vegan Meetup group, here in NYC. We get together for meals 2 or 3 times a month and I am happy to pass on the information to anyone who is interested in joining. If you're visiting NYC at any time, let me know and you'd be welcome to meet up with our fun and friendly group.

Also interested in finding someone female, 40 - 60, around my height ( say 5'4" - 5'9" ), funny, slim, liberal, interested in the arts and entertainment, to spend some quality time with. Hoping to find a life-partner, but 'friends first' is a good place to start!
Re: First Introductions
September 05, 2011 04:01AM
hi im anjana single, vegan ,28, from sri lanka. simple person. looking for marriage.

no hurt, seeking true love. peaceful life
email: anjaasilva@gmail.com
text : +94722241027
Re: First Introductions
February 11, 2012 01:04PM
Greetings All. Jhawk here in the state of Illinois. Relocating back to New Mexico, up to Minneapolis, or any other place that is a bit more friendly to my lifestyle than small town Illinois...wanting to meet like minded people and communities. I have been in the Natural Foods and Supplement Industry for 15 years now, both in retail and wholesale environments. Ideally I would like to work at a down to earth food coop/organic farm. I am currently a buyer at a privately owned natural foods store and am tired of the tyranny of a wing-nut manager and an owner that would prefer corpo fast food over buying natural groceries from his own business. I am into cycling (on and off road) music(currently teaching myself the ins and outs of Ableton Live), art, tattoos, tribal cultures, outdoors, yoga, martial arts, literature, canines, cats are cool too, home cooked meals (always making more than I can eat alone), and staying healthy in both mind and spirit. Looking for a Vegan or Veggie goddess to live, laugh and love with. If we are not learning, we are hurting.
Re: First Introductions
February 25, 2012 07:49AM
Hello &Welcome J! smiling smiley

New Mexico has been on my mind a lot & I'd love to visit there again someday. It's also high on my own list of places I can see myself living. I've never made it up to Minneapolis but would love to. Best wishes on finding a job you enjoy more and of course that special someone to live, laugh, love & learn with!

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Re: First Introductions
April 07, 2012 07:06AM
Hey! I'm a fifteen year old vegan female. I have been a vegan for about apart two years now, but have been a vegetarian before that. I would love to meet a vegan guy somewhat around the Michigan area bit Ohio, Illinois. Indiana, or Canada would work also though. Any guy up to the age of twenty one. So let's start a conversation! And have fun!In Love

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Re: First Introductions
April 07, 2012 11:50PM
Hello, Welcome & Thanks for the post LVT! smiling smiley

There was some weird piece of code (something about a color) in your message that I removed for you. Why don't you post more about yourself, your interests & what you are looking for in the person you'd like to date?

Best wishes!
Re: First Introductions
June 13, 2012 02:51PM
hi smiling smiley am vegan (going on 2 years). turn 19 in a month or so smiling smiley lol. i love traveling, reading, writing, painting, cooking, eating, singing, dancing and acting. lol. watch movies and series like there's no tomorrow. my favourite sayings are: "cowards die many times throughout the courses of their lives, while the brave die but once" and of course, "carpe diem". i love listening to music at any given time in the day, but am also prone to sitting in my room, staring at the ceiling, thinking like there's no tomorrow smiling smiley am a HUGE superman geek. lol. recently discovered an abandoned kitten behind my house. his name is ninja <3 live in bangladesh, and am pretty starved for company of anyone who gets why i feel the way i do about being vegan. pretty isolated, and would love to make a few friends on here who i could share atleast this 1 view with.
Re: First Introductions
July 01, 2012 04:16AM
PC deleted my profile so here it is again, I'm 48 and have been a veggie for 30 yrs. I'm looking for friends with the same values as myself

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Re: First Introductions
July 04, 2012 02:50AM
Don't know where to begin.

Vegan for last 5+ years.
Vegetarian for way more.

Animal lover and activist.

Juice maker.

Lived all over the west. Portland, OR (here now), Mt. Shasta, CA, Arcata, CA, San Diego, CA (3 times), Flagstaff, AZ, Santa Fe, NM, and many others, but those are the highlight points.

The one closest to my heart, and the center of my life just died in January after sharing our life for 14 years.

While I know I am not selling myself well here to others, I am just being honest.

Truth is the most important part of life to me. Be True.

I don't seem to get people, and they don't really get me.

I don't know how much I like people.

I love being with animals. I get them, and they get me.

Looking for others, who may (or not) understand what I am saying.

Life has been hard my entire life, and I am looking for people who have seen things, been through things, understand from a certain perspective, are deep and honest, and enjoy depth when talking, not just shooting the breeze, talking about banal things, and being superficial. I have no ability to make small talk. I literally have no understanding of how to do it.

So, if this strikes a chord with anyone, and they are interested in talking, I am up for it. I know this may not be the most inviting post, but, at least it is deeply honest.
Re: First Introductions
August 24, 2012 05:34PM
Hello everyone, I wonder if anyone has ever met through Happy Cow... it's a nice idea.

I've been either vegetarian or vegan (with a few years of pescatarian thrown in here and there) since the age of 15... and how many years is that? Basically, I can say I've been vegetarian or vegan for more years than I ate meat.

I value animals, nature, life, etc. but that isn't the only thing that defines me. I'm also interested in the arts, philosophy, psychology, education, music, etc. I have a lot of interests and am open to learning more.

I would love to meet like-minded people who are stable, happy and positive, share some of my values, interested in communicating, etc. etc.

Tell me about your world. What is important to you? What kind of art and music do you enjoy? What are some of your favorite recipes? What makes you happy?

I'm looking for new recipes for kale and tomatoes (not necessarily together).

Have a wonderful day!

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Re: First Introductions
November 11, 2012 11:47PM
hey guys!
Im 17, ive been vegan for almost a year now but was a vegetarian for about 5 years before i switched. I am a certified yoga instructor, and artist. im looking for some friends that will understand my standpoint on animal rights and the enviroment maybe even someone around colorado and such.. tongue sticking out smiley
Love and Light to all that need it!
Re: First Introductions
December 13, 2012 02:08PM
Hi guys,

Hope you are all well. I have my own vegetarian and vegan dating website. It's called


and it's a great place to meet like-minded people. Oh, and girls date free. Check it out.

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