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Zero Support for Being A Vegan
January 06, 2013 09:12PM
Good day to all. I have started being a vegan just recently, but I am not new to it. I used to be a vegan about a year ago for 7-8 months until I couldn't handle my father screaming at my decisions. It was too much stress to listen to him day in and day out about "how stupid I am for eating the way I do"... I no longer live with him, so I have decided to take back my true desire to be a vegan. I still have hardly an support, because I refuse to tell my father about it, my mom rolls her eyes, my boy friend always tries to give me non-vegan dishes, and my friends don't really care or realize my struggle to being vegan. This is my only safe haven for support and talking about it without feeling uncomfortable. Thank you for those that read this, and any and all support is very appreciated. I'm not sure how this website works, because I just signed up. So take care and such.

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