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Recently new vegetarian
April 22, 2012 09:49AM
I first got involved in being vegetarian when my sister became one and told me all about it. I moved from my home state and began to rediscover myself, amongst it becoming vegetarian. My husband and kids are meat eaters so it makes it all a little harder but they support me. However, we are going to be going for a trip back to my home state and the thing is when I told people i became vegetarian they criticized my decision. My parents are strong believers in christiananity and my dad strongly tried to talk me out of it. My friends there are even giving me a hard time. I love being vegetarian! I wish I had have switched sooner, but how do I deal with the people who dont support me, even when its my family. I want to enjoy my time with my friends and family but I have a feeling they are gonna make it difficult to be around them.
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