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New Vegan Mom
November 09, 2011 08:00AM
Hello all,

I am attempting to go vegan again, this time along with my 2 year old son. I went vegan about 5 years ago. But when I met & married my hunter-fisher husband slowly fish, & then game (deer & other meat) came back into my diet. Soon after we were married & became pregnant I began craving poultry & cheese more & more & it became too stressful to keep up my diet when my husband wasn't veg nor vegan. We tried to adopt a "life-i-tarian" lifestyle & only eat things that our family had hunted &/or caught (mostly him & his dad). But it was just one of many compromises that lead to us eventually going off veg / vegan altogether. Our son, who is now 2, had issues regarding his eating habits & I was so desperate to just get him to eat anything that I pretty much just gave in. He ate cheese & loves it & some meats. Crying

But ALL of this has to change & I want to try again to make a lasting attempt to become vegan (completely!) and to help my son to become vegan also, before he becomes too addicted to meat & dairy! My husband is very overweight & refuses (so far) to make any such change in his diet, although for the most part he has been very supportive of my views, beliefs, etc. My in-laws & other family members are pretty much all omnivores, with the exception of his step-mom. (Although, she is more of less a "life-i-tarian" & eats much of what her husband hunts & fishes.)

Anyhow, I am open to advice & could definitely use all the support & encouragement of any vegans &/or veg mom's/parents out there!! I'd love to connect & befriend as many as I can too, because I know that I need to surround myself with positive people this time, in particular if this lifestyle is gonna have any chance working with my son & myself! Thanks for listening winking smiley

Blessed Be

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