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July 31, 2010 06:21AM
Hi everyone. My name is Cookies and I've been a vegetarian for almost 5 weeks now. I feel great, and even better knowing that I'm no longer hurting animals. Unfortunately, non of my family members is vegetarian Sad And not very supportive, so when I came to Happycow, I got all the support I need winking smiley
Thank you smiling bouncing smiley
Re: Hello
July 31, 2010 02:44PM
Hi I'm new to this too I am about 3 months in to this and ny hubby was not in to it at all and now he is better about it. He still eats meat which is fine with me. Do u have any favorite recipes? I'm still exploring with new foods.
Re: Hello
July 31, 2010 05:14PM
Hey Welcome to VEGetariANism! There are a bunch of Vegan blogs out there with great recipes. one being my own: veganchicago.blogspot.com
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