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Hi There
June 17, 2010 08:30AM
I've been a "healthy" eater for most my adult life. I have been a vegan for almost a year now and became a vegetarian over 2 years ago.

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Re: Hi There
July 06, 2010 05:00AM
Hello Jen,

I feel with you - my wife and my 2 boys (aged 6 and 7) also love to eat meat. My wife has recently cut down on her own meat consumption a lot due to health reasons, but my kids of course are spoilt by what they get at school and kindergarten :-(

I myself have been a vegetarian for 20 years and a vegan for about 6 months now. I can fully understand that you would feel revolted if your family asks you to prepare meat for you. I assume you have already tried alternatives (like soy granulate for burgers, soy sausages etc.), correct?

Sorry that I can not give you any other advice now than try to found out what your family likes and stick to your decision.

Best regarsd,
Re: Hi There
August 06, 2010 09:19PM
Thanks for your support Andy! I have cooked many soy, tempeh and vegetable main courses. My family really loves my vegan food and sometimes forget there is anything "missing"...well my husband always notices, but he is becoming more supportive and has even gone to eat meat away from home just to get his fix. I still make them non-vegetarian dishes every once in awhile to keep the peace.
Kudos to you for being Vegetarian over 20 years!

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Re: Hi There
September 05, 2010 08:32AM
I like your story. How are things now? Does your hubby cook or do you? My hubby cool and i do now cause i am making my own meals.Stake was not my thing either it just grossed me out looking at it and eating it yuckie. then it went to chicken now im just done with meat period. Everyone has there own believes on eating meat and not eating meat and we all change though the years and there's nothing wrong with that at all. I hope u have a good day. What are your favorite recipes?
Re: Hi There
September 07, 2010 05:54PM
Mine does not cook except when it comes to the grill, then he barbecues meat. He still always asks me if I "want some" of the meat he cooks. I say "no thanks". I guess he's hoping one day I will change my mind, when actually I'm hoping one day he changes his. I have never been happier eating vegan. Eliminating dairy was even better than I thought. Not eating cheese for so long, I now think it smells kind of strange. I have to be careful not to bash meat in front of my family. I went through a horrible time and I was always made out to be the bad guy.


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