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Hey All
June 29, 2009 09:04AM
Hello everyone,

My name is Jeff (obviously) and I'm here to support anyone who needs support!

I've been a vegetarian for 2 years now and will never, ever...EVER go back to being a carnivore.

There were several reasons for my diet change. First and foremost, I stopped consuming dead flesh for spiritual reasons. I practice compassion for ALL of Gods living creatures, and adhere to the life giving foods that were meant for us to eat. (Veggies, Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds)

There are many reasons why it is bad to eat meat ranging from spiritual to scientific, and I'll be happy to share them and my experiences with anyone who may need support.


Re: Hey All
April 07, 2010 06:31AM
hey Jeff, feels nice to hear that some1 wants to support people having trouble with veg'ism. tell me is it possible to make some1 realize how veg'ism is the way to go, i mean i am as convinced as can be but my husband and i fight about it all the time. even before we got married. i thought like every1 else that he wud understand but that has not happened in the past 4 yrs. u have a solution for that???
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