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Animal Rights Videos
March 08, 2008 08:08AM
This section is devoted to quality animal rights & animal welfare videos. It may contain material which is difficult to watch. I'll add a couple of the 'famous' ones below.
Please add any videos which you'd like to share which may be use to promote understanding, compassion and help folks make the connection on where meat comes from.
Meet your Meat
March 08, 2008 08:14AM
Probably one of the most widely known of these type of peta videos, Alec Baldwin narrates this look into the lives of farm animals in this 12 minute video.

Wool, Leather, and Fur
March 08, 2008 08:26AM
This is PETA vdo with Pink, Pamela Anderson, and Martha Stuart explaining the cruelty of animals for wool fur and leather. It includes footage from India which may be surprising if you think the cow is sacred there.
You may need to login to Youtube to watch it.

Re: Animal Rights Videos
March 09, 2008 04:54PM

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Vegetarian Animal Rights videos
March 09, 2008 05:17PM
Animal Rights Video Channel

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