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eye rolling smiley Don't blame me...
November 13, 2012 08:59PM
...I voted for a real candidate. I couldn't decide between rocky or jill of the green party. I went with jill. As usual I can't believe the results. How much you want to bet 99% of voters didn't even read every candidate's platform/policies - they probably just got brainwashed by all the propaganda as usual. I read every candidate's website - including Obama and Romney. OMG what a joke those two are. They have SOME good ideas, yes, but they have ALOT of dealbreakers that are a bad joke upon everyone. And they're BS is off the charts, they have very little reality or facts. O's website was confusing because he mixed in his policies with his past achievements, speaking of which, sounded dubious - I'm guessing some/all of his supposed achievements are things that other organizations accomplished in spite of his working against them, just my thoughts. Anyhoo, even taking what O's website said straight-up, it was a really weak platform. About R's info on his website - well I suppose some of his ideas could be taken as positive, candidates always try to make their policies sound positive, but when you really understand what he's talking about and what happens in real life - I saw alot of bad stuff there and not much good.

I got an absentee ballot in the mail and it came with a paper booklet containing the candidates' pictures, short bios, and their own short statements, which was helpful, but it didn't have enough info about each candidate to really decide, and for some positions some of the candidates were missing, ugh. Wouldn't it be nice if every voter in the usa got a paper booklet like this, and it had every single candidate in it and a full page or two of that candidate's policies - enough info to make an informed decision. I think that would help people to vote alot more intelligently. Oh well. For people that have high speed internet access, like me, it was pretty easy to look up each candidate's website and read what they had to say, as well as read what others have to say about them, but I guess not everyone has high speed internet access so that's why I think the free handout/mailed booklets are great but they should have alot of info in them.

As America is now, it seems to be somewhat of a dictatorship run by an unknown & unseen group, if they had no military backing would they still be in power? This world seems to me to be like a bad movie titled 'The Money Games' (reference to 'The Hunger Games') whereby we live and die by stupid money games instead of a resource/organization-based society.

I'm not sure, but it looked like about 50% of voters actually voted, alas. This country is in a really sad state. I figure some of the non-voters don't even want to bother voting because they're not sure their votes are even counted, which for all I know may be true. I personally found alot of the issues to be a joke - for instance who in their right mind wouldn't want GMO products to be labeled? And who in their right mind would want more nuclear plants or to allow the current ones to continue polluting? Things like this shouldn't even have happened in the first place, they shouldn't even be issues -- they are police matters. There's so much unbelievable nonsense going on it's truly beyond pathetic. Well, that's my take on this year's presidential election, thanks for reading.

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Re: eye rolling smiley Don't blame me...
November 14, 2012 07:59AM
I completely agree with you man. It is horrible how people do not pay attention to any candidates who are not Democrat or Republican. The candidates from other groups would probably make a much better president. I refuse to join a political party because of the fact that people focus way too much on Democrats and Republicans and not on who would make a better president regardless of their political party. Also it is weird how prop 37 did not pass. I guess Americans do not care what they are eating. I do not think America is a democracy at all; the government supports large corporations. You are totally right man. Thank you for making sense. grinning smiley
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