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Vegetarian tv characters
December 02, 2008 08:37AM
If anyone does not know of the cartoon "Braceface", the main character Sharon Spitz is a vegetarian! Sharon Spitz is voiced by vegetarian actress Alicia Silverstone. [www.petakids.com]
I was reminded of this when I found this "Veg on Tv" site [www.moveleft.com]

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Re: Vegetarian tv characters
November 01, 2009 07:12AM
Ooh cool. I just started a blog for veg-oriented reviews of kids books and movies (vegbooks.wordpress.com). I hadn't thought about including TV ... until now. We don't watch a lot -- are there other shows that are veg-friendly? (The only other veg character I can think of is Lisa of The Simpsons, but that's not really appropriate for kids.)
Re: Vegetarian tv characters
November 01, 2009 08:04AM
Count Duckula(1988-1993)
Ketchup Vampires:A 90s's cartoon series. I was able to see a couple with my son when he was little and we loved them!


Popular, a teen show from 1999-2001:

Vegetarianism was mentioned on some other children's shows like Powerpuff Girls and Lizzie McGuire. However, in these cases the vegetarianism didn't last.

Ohh, Mr Rogers was a vegetarian! This fact is mentioned on more than one occasion on Mr Roger's Neighborhood!

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