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Do your friends murder to dress?
August 13, 2011 09:29PM
Do your girlfriends wear leather or fur? If yes, how do you feel about it? Do you tell them anything? How do they react? How do they feel towards synthetics and how does that make you feel?
Re: Do your friends murder to dress?
August 15, 2011 10:03AM
Fur-wearers are either stupid or heartless. Stupid because they can't make the connection between the carcasses on their backs and the living animals they once were or heartless because they don't care.

Fortunately, I've never personally known anyone who wears fur. Working in the Loop in Chicago during the winter I'd see women in fur coats from time to time. My comments to them would vary depending on the situation...was I walking with them in the same direction at the same pace? That'd mean I could get a few sentences in. Were they coming toward me such that I could only get in a quick snippet before they passed? My favorite was when I would ride the elevator with them so I could make my comments with them having no chance of immediate escape.

If they're walking past, I'd say "You murdered 60 animals for that coat." If I'm walking in the same direction as they are, I'd approach and say, "Did you ever think that someone murdered approximately 60-100 animals for the coat you're wearing? Why would you buy that coat?" Then engage from there. If I have them in the elevator, especially if there are other people listening to the conversation, that's my favorite. I can really start engaging in a dialogue and either get them thinking or at a minimum publicly shame them. I find I am very effective because I'm almost almost always wearing a suit and usually dressed better than them. Even if I'm in jeans on a Friday, I make it a point in the winter to wear a warm, fashionable synthethic coat which further proves my point that you don't need cruelty to be fashionable. Also, it's my personal way of operating that I don't yell these statements at them in a rage. I say them matter-of-factly in a way intended to get them thinking, not defensive. The only exception is when I'm driving by in a car, in that case I usually only have time to yell "Fur is Dead!" from the window.

Fur is straightforward. The animal is being killed for your coat and your coat alone. There are not raccoon and mink burritos. Leather is a different story. First, I think it's more difficult for people to make the connection between leather and the cow it came from. Second, even if someone has made the connection, there are some who adopt a view that if the animal is being killed for meat anyway at least by wearing their skin you are not being wasteful. These people fail to see the bigger picture that they are contributing to the profits of killing, but I understand their argument. Personally, as a veg*n I think you get to a point where, philosophical arguments aside, you just find it gross to wear the dead carcass of an animal who was probably quite wonderful. In any event, this is why I am polite in my approach on leather. With regard to girlfriends and all acquaintances, when it comes to leather I lead by quietly setting an example and wearing vegan and synthetic everything. When I receive a compliment on the item, I'm sure to mention they're vegan which often sparks positive conversation.

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Re: Do your friends murder to dress?
January 29, 2012 10:23AM
no. my friends (who aren't vegans) can't afford fur.
Re: Do your friends murder to dress?
February 05, 2012 12:03PM
Yes, a lot of my friends wear leather. None of them wear real fur though. Whenever we are shopping together, they know that I won't buy anything with leather or wool in it, so I'm hoping this makes them think twice about what they're buying.
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