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Internet Collaborators
January 30, 2012 08:31AM
I am looking for musicians in the rock/hard rock/pop rock genres who are able to collaborate over the internet to help me record a new album project for my project One World (R)evolution.

Looking for:
Bass players
String players
Keyboard/organ players
Lead guitar players
Classical guitar players
Sitar players
Any other instruments that can add to the making of a legendary album

I sing and play rhythm. I also write songs and am totally open to songwriting collaborations as well. The goal is to put out a legendary album created entirely over the internet with awesome vegan musicians.

You must have the ability to record your parts via some sort of quality home studio. We'll be sending .wav files back and forth over the net to collaborate.

If you wish to hear what I've done in the past as a singer/songwriter, check out - [www.oneworldrevolution.us]

Copyright ownership, royalties, etc. will all be split based on contribution levels. IE: 2 songwriters - ownership split 50/50 and royalties split 50/50. If you do not own your own publishing company, or have a publisher, my publishing company, Be The Change Publishing, will administer your contribution to the song(s). I am an ASCAP writer and publisher.

Reply to this post with your interest and we'll take it from there.


Astrum (the Artist formerly known as Cheryl Hill)
Re: Internet Collaborators
January 30, 2012 07:28PM
I'm interested! I'm another vegan musician- I work at farm sanctuary by day, play music by night. I'm a bit of a multi-instrumentalist. Drum set is definitely my forte, I also play electric guitar, electric bass and upright bass and I can sing and write songs as well. I recently finished a solo project that I recorded all parts for myself at my home studio. You can hear it here: [hurthawks.bandcamp.com]
I just used an electronic drumset on this recording by the way, but I can get into a real studio to track my 'real' drums too.
So I also have digital recording knowledge as well. I studied that a bit in college when I got my music degree.
I like your tunes too! I would love to make this happen!
Re: Internet Collaborators
January 30, 2012 08:55PM
SWEET!!!! Email me at veganrawker at gmail dot com and we can chat more that way.
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