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Shameless Promotion
April 15, 2008 12:49PM
Hi and welcome! Please post your website(s) here.

Re: Shameless Promotion
April 16, 2008 06:02AM
So, I'm not exactly a musician, but am an artist/art teacher/graphic designer, and am very involved in music.

my page (ironically... under construction): korrin.net
others: buffalozef.net
Re: Shameless Promotion
April 16, 2008 01:25PM
Welcome! Art is all interconnected anyhow.
Re: Shameless Promotion
April 03, 2009 10:51AM
Hi! I'm an experienced singer, and have a couple sites to share:

this is my own site, where you can hear my originals, and see my repertoire of covers as well!

and -of course!-
My Myspace

I'd love nothing more than do eventually sing at a Woodstock Sanctuary fund raiser or something! Anyone wanna join me? I'm not yet proficient enough to play my own guitar.....
Thanks for checking out my tunes, and Happy Friday!
Re: Shameless Promotion
May 05, 2009 06:42AM
This is speech audio rather than music, but I'm following the emerging vegan music scene with interest.


(I'm also doing some short travel-related podcasts at the moment, based on my journeys through SE Asia.)
Re: Shameless Promotion
September 19, 2009 06:52AM
I am the singer for sick of society east coast Oi-core band
Sick of Society's Myspace
Re: Shameless Promotion
December 07, 2010 01:09PM
new vegan self produced and released album


please enjoy smiling smiley

Re: Shameless Promotion
August 29, 2011 10:59AM
One World (R)evolution - conscious rock music for the (r)evolution of awakening - [www.oneworldrevolution.us]
Re: Shameless Promotion
September 22, 2011 07:00PM
My DIY vegan rockabilly/psychobilly/rock 'n' roll project.

Re: Shameless Promotion
September 23, 2011 10:08AM
Re: Shameless Promotion
February 06, 2012 03:58AM
I have a new single out avaiilable on iTunes at [phobos.apple.com] Called "What Time do you call this?" Plus a cover of KT Tunstall's "Hold On". Both can be heard along with my other tracks and videos at www.myspace.com/mollyrubin Thanks smiling smiley
Re: Shameless Promotion
October 25, 2011 01:27PM
Hello all you wonderful people,
My name is John and I am an ethical vegan from central New Jersey, USA.
I am also an accomplished musician, have a degree in music from Rutgers University, have toured the USA multiple times and I am on quite a few records that are available.
I am a multi-instrumentalist specializing in keyboards, mainly, vintage keyboards/synths/organs...
I currently play with the Roadside Graves and ARI WHY? and the Invisible College, and have played for Fun Machine.

I am currently seeking session work and music placement opportunities, preferrably but not limited to other vegans. I have a music production company called Tackless Music.

My website is:

Thank you all for your time!
John Piatkowski
Re: Shameless Promotion
October 27, 2011 04:30PM
Hello ladies & Gentlemen,

My name is Saidah Baba Talibah, I'm from Toronto, Canada. I'm a singer/songwriter and here's my website.


peace, love & butterflies,
Re: Shameless Promotion
January 29, 2012 07:36PM
my youtube page (will be adding soon)
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