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Vegan musos who speak out
June 25, 2009 06:09PM
Hi - I am new to this. I am an ex dancer/choreographer and now musician (Keyboard, drums, compose). I am working on a collection of songs around the theme of gender, specifically masculinity. Not surprisingly, because of events in recent times some of my songs are around the themes of 'having to be top dog', 'war as a solution for conflict' and so on, though some are more interpersonal. I am particularly interested in vegetarian and vegan musicians (and other 'celebrities') who take up the cause of animals, the planet and social justice publicly. Some of my faves include Chrissy Hynde and Tommy Morello. Do any of you guys have any faves?
Re: Vegan musos who speak out
November 06, 2012 10:43AM
Vegan Celebrities List, All Animal Rights Activists!

Re: Vegan musos who speak out
January 03, 2013 08:17AM
hey, yes you mean, gross masculinity, like ego oriented voilence based

rationals, intriguing, yes i find that gross violence in video games and the

voilence in movies is over indulgent in a sad way, as the true art forms of music

dance and acting, give way to a series of explosions, some cool effects but

mostly centered around violence again, yes i would be interested in callaborating

on a song of peace, or a work possibly even dance troop, chereography, maybe

combination video aimed at somehow making good vibrations and saying

something like "we dont need voilence to make a peaceful world, we need more

love and understanding, compromise and truth,, maybe something about

drop your inflated ego, and see both sides, actually howard jones made

a type of song somehwat similiar, and of course without songs like the beatles

created arguably these songs create our future....... blah blah blah, yes. hit

me up with an idea i think i could add some positive effect.
Re: Vegan musos who speak out
January 03, 2013 08:19AM
especially a christmas song, since christmas and new year just passed,

i think in a way thats what christmas is about, giving way to an overhwhelming

love to heal the planet and forgive all in charity. i sing that feed the world song

all the freakin time, i love it. what a harmony, best on earth. vegan-aid
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