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Quick first hello!
May 22, 2008 08:51AM
Hi Guys!

I turned veggy in the UK back in 1978 - with the help of Uhuru in Oxford!

[www.happycow.net] - for Uhuru.

For a few months I have been working quite actively on the HappyCow UK pages - especially on the London pages - adding new listings & removing some of the "long closed" business.

I am sure that there can be several hundred more "quality" UK listings.

My goal is to add 3 new ones each week - I am doing this "remotely" as my current base is Ab'djan City (if I spell it correctly it gets caught in Eric's Spam Filter) - 3000+ miles south of London.

There are "0" veggy restaurants here - but abundant street vendors - my "lunch" today was 2 corn cobs roasted on a bucket of charcoal - total cost 150 FCFA or approx. 18p.


Re: Quick first hello!
May 22, 2008 09:05AM
Welcome John!

I'm pretty sure you're probably the only person on here emailing from le Cote d'Ivoire!

Wow - I'm impressed with you being veggie since 1978. I was only 9 then but I now realise that that wouldn't have been too young to go veggie, if I'd had the information. It just wasn't really the done thing in my family's circle of friends!

I bet you get some really interesting foods out there, though I'm not at all surprised there aren't any specific veggie restaurants. I sometimes think that the "Western" world or "First" world are the only ones who have specfic restaurants for specific types of food. I certainly don't remember stumbling across Indian, Chinese or Italian (let alone veggie) restaurants in Kenya or South Africa.

Well done for updating the listings. I always regret the fact that when I go away I may manage to make it to one of the restaurants in the listings, but I've been lucky that they've always still been open, so there's very little information I can pass on. I plan to try harder on my next trip!

Welcome again, keep in touch.

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