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How good is the veggie food in your area?
April 17, 2008 01:00PM
I'm so lucky to live in Brighton - I'm not sure it deserves it's old title of "Veggie Capital of Britain" any more, but I certainly can't complain.
We still have the only veggie pub I know of, and 3 completely vegetarian restaurants. A couple of veggie cafes, and 2 veggie mini-supermarkets.
Plus of course all the other restaurants which have a good selection of veggie choices.

So - new members (of which I hope there will be a few at least!), how good is the selection of veggie food in your area?


goin crazy
Re: How good is the veggie food in your area?
April 18, 2008 02:01AM
Hey, I am in Manchester and theres lot of Vegetarian food, but being Vegan here sucks! I buy only a few foods that are over priced from Holland & Barret. I don't eat too much processed foods, but i do love a burger some of the time or a full english breakfast - Vegan style, mwuahaha....who doesn't?

The price for some really nice 'Frys' vegan burgers is NEARLY ?4.00....rip off?? You think that's a lot for 6 small burgers?? thumbs down
I actually don't even know any take aways that are Vegan friendly around here or other cafes/restraunts, etc. (Greater Manchester might have a few deeper somewhere in the City i am not aware of, but theres none in my town anyway...I'm in Worsley)
I know of a store in Manchester called the Unicorn thumbs up and I really do fancy poppin' in there and checkin it out. I just would love to know the prices. Why should something labeled vegan have to cost anymore than a product that has animal stuff in it!?...
I do like to make my food sometimes Mixed veggies are really nice, but they get kinda boring too and i am not too much into cooking (daily).

Hope more people join soon and anyone been to the Unicorn? X(

So I would say the veggie selection is good for Vegatarians and pretty crap for Vegans.... Cow
Re: How good is the veggie food in your area?
April 18, 2008 02:07AM
Hi there!

Thanks for joining. For a while there, I thought it would just be me!
I'm always baffled as to how veggie/vegan food can be more expensive when generally the constituent parts are cheaper.
I admire you for being vegan - it's my ultimate aim, but so far I've been vegetarian for 19 years and I just can't quite take the plunge. I readily admit that cheese is the real problem for me. I do my best to get veggie, organic, locally-produced cheese, and I know the horrors of the dairy industry, but until someone comes up with an edible fake cheese, I think I'm probably stuck!!! I don't have eggs all that often, though I go to France fairly regularly and have resigned myself to lots of omelettes!
I think there's a Manchester local group of the Vegetarian Society - are you a member of that? Do you go out as groups and find new and exciting places to eat?!
I haven't been to Manchester for years. My ex's family lived in Stockport so I went in fairly regularly but probably not for about 15 years now!

Anyway, welcome and thanks for posting!
Re: How good is the veggie food in your area?
April 18, 2008 03:03AM
I am not a member of the vegetarian Society actually, no.... I've been on the site loads of times. I don't even go out much on my own. I think I would get lost in Manchester City. Although Salford - I know, and theres nothing around here. thumbs down

Cheese is this addictive?? hehehe...Sooo many people complain the only obstacle to moving onto Veganism is cheese. Now I quite like a certain cheese thats a 'Mozzerella style cheezly' (approved by the Vegan Society), and I could say thats OK (not too stringy like some like it), but its alright.....I am not too much into cheese so I can't help. On my harsher day's, I would call someone selfish for choosing thier tastebud's over an animal product, but because your trying, then I am cool with it for now. It's non vege arrogance/ignorance that angers me. smiling smiley

So theres Cheezly products.....tried them?? Theres a Nacho flavour and Mozzerella style (at least in my local) Holland & Barret Health food store...But they over price! I bet shopping online at a fairer & proper vege place would be cheaper(?). I dunno. It's not fair sometimes is it!? Cow
Re: How good is the veggie food in your area?
April 18, 2008 03:09AM

Realised after I posted that if anything, you would be a member of the Vegan Society! Sorry.

To be honest, cheese is really only a problem if I go out to eat. I very rarely have it at home, same as eggs. But most of my mates are either "normal" veggies, or eat fish or are omnivores, so we eat a lot at Italian or Spanish places, or Greek. The veggie choices are fantastic but not so much for vegans.

As you say, we're all doing our bit!

Off to the slog of the office for me now. Take care, and keep posting!
Re: How good is the veggie food in your area?
April 18, 2008 05:48AM
Realised after I posted that if anything, you would be a member of the Vegan Society! Sorry.

...hehehe no worries and I am a member (or least i have an account) on the official website.

( [www.vegansociety.com] )

...Well if cheese isn't such a big problem, I think it should be pretty easy to just move on from it rather than saving it just for occasions or the odd night in.....But depending on the occasion, is that a sacrifice you are willing to make? Cow
Re: How good is the veggie food in your area?
April 18, 2008 06:03AM
Wow, Unicorn looks fantastic. I just looked at their website! What a great shop. Looks like Infinity Foods in Brighton, though even they don't do as much fresh food as Unicorn.
In your earlier post you said you wished you knew their prices. I noticed on the website that you can download an Adobe version of the price list at least for their packed goods on the produce section.
Re: How good is the veggie food in your area?
April 18, 2008 11:18AM
Hi, I live in Norwich and there are very few places to eat here. In the city centre we have 2 vegetarian cafe's - one of which is quite expensive considering the actual food offered, it does offer some vegan dishes though, we also have a couple of health food shops and Holland and Barrett. There's a couple of pubs which offer limited vegan food, the best one I have tried is the White Horse, it also has vegan desserts which are very good!
On the whole Norwich could do with a decent vegan cafe/restaurant which offers more of a choice.

I went to Brighton last year and was impressed with the amount of choice, my favorite was red veg even my meat eating friends were impressed with the food!
Re: How good is the veggie food in your area?
April 18, 2008 02:18PM
Welcome Veganne

Would you believe I've not even been in Red Veg yet?! How rubbish is that?! It's been open for ages and I keep meaning to pop in as I've heard such great things about it, I just never quite get around to it.
We do have a great selection, it's just a little disappointing that there isn't maybe just one or two more completely veggie proper restaurants, suitable for special occasions etc. Terre a Terre is lovely but in my opinion, overpriced, and Food for Friends has a good menu but isn't all that comfortable. It was really disappointing when "Wai Kika Moo Kau" restaurant shut down - it was divine! There is still a cafe by them, but it doesn't do evening meals.
Shame Norwich doesn't have more. 2 of my cousins live in Norwich but I've never actually been up to visit them.
Is there a veggie group up there at all?

Happy posting!
Re: How good is the veggie food in your area?
April 20, 2008 03:54AM
There is a small group called Veg Folk, I think they meet just to swap dishes, we don't really have any events or actual meetings in this area which is a shame.
I know a few vegetarians as in friends and family but don't know any other vegans, I wouldn't mind meeting more and finding out how they cope - not just with eating out but other people's attitudes!
Re: How good is the veggie food in your area?
August 08, 2008 10:05PM

Where i am in Essex the choice is really poor and although a few places can cater for vegans there are not specific veggie places near by. The best place for me is a trip by train (approx 20 minutes) into the east London area where there are plenty of places to eat, mainly indian and south indian veggie places. Also i could stay on the train and go straight to the West End which is another 10/15 minutes and then the choices are fantastic, Pleanty of veggie places which provide vegan food as well.

I love brtighton (mentioned above) as it is great for veggies and also just the relaxed atmosphere there. Infinity foods is great and now the store has expanded and is even better.

I have been to a couple of places in Norwich (above), one above a health food shop and found the food to be nice.

I think i will now have to take a trip into London next week as all this talking about food is making me hungry.

Bye For Now

Re: How good is the veggie food in your area?
August 11, 2008 05:25AM
Hi, I'm Lyn and I'm so angry I just have to share with someone. I live in Plymouth and have been veggie for upwards of 35 years although my partner is still a meat-eater. This isn't the immediate problem, though.
For a number of years Plymouth has had only 2 veggie restaurants, Veggie Perrin's ( which serves wonderful Indian food) and the Arts Centre. Most of the other restaurants serve veggie options if you can go along with cheese or mushroom omelettes! What has made me so angry is this........I tuned in to the local radio station this morning and heard the presenter interviewing the director of the Arts Centre. She announced that the reason their restaurant ceased to serve purely veggie food earlier this year was because they wanted to get away from the 'now rather 70's idea of vegetarians being all lentils and Jesus sandals'. She was very proud of the fact that all meat products now being served were sourced locally.
Well, words fail me.
I acknowledge that Plymouth is about 15 years behind the rest of the country in lots of ways but this remark seems to have sent the message that we are still living in pre-history.
I'd like to hear other people's comments.
Re: How good is the veggie food in your area?
August 11, 2008 04:14PM

I can understand your frustration and those type of comments are just not neccessary. However i can only assume that the veggie only idea was not making enough profit so hence the switch to "locally sourced" meat products. This i have a major issue with vegetarians and vegans, as in my experiance of being a veggie for 2 years and a vegan for a further 18+ years i find that the veggie community are more inclined to eat in a meat serving place. The argument being they want to put pressure on the establishment or corporate owned outlet to serve more veggie options. For me this is poppycock and does not help the places that are really trying to amke a difference. Veggie places can be a bit more expensive because they cannot buy in the quantities that the big chains can. People would rather support a vegan burger in McDonalds than go to an indpendant outlet where a good burger might cost 50p more and with no fries or corn syrup coke.

Re: How good is the veggie food in your area?
August 13, 2008 01:31AM
I can totally understand why you're so irritated by that! Unfortunately it seems to be the case that a lot of people (and companies) think that the reason behind vegetarianism is the inability to get good, organic, locally-sourced meat that can be "trusted". Many of them simply don't consider those of us who are veggie because we wouldn't touch meat regardless of how "humanely" it was reared and slaughtered. It's the fact that that happens at all that turns our stomachs!
Unfortunately, as Sernicki said, the financial side of it comes into it too. If that cafe/restaurant thought it was missing out on some potential customers by being strictly veggie (unless they had gone down that road on principle), they will look at the economics of it and do what they've done.
My best mate's boyfriend not only is an omnivore, but he actually refuses to eat in completely vegetarian restaurants, because he says there won't be anything for him to order! He argues that it's only fair when eating out that people should have a choice. He agrees that there should be vegetarian choices on all menus, but that equally there should be plenty of choices for everyone else too.
There was a lovely veggie cafe/pub in Brighton which I discovered about 10 years ago. I didn't go there very often but always looked forward to it when I did. You can imagine my disappointment when I last went in (about 3 years ago) and spotted Fish Cakes on the menu. I asked the staff what was going on, and they told me that so many "vegetarians" came in asking if they had any fish, that they decided the best thing to do was to start selling it. I told them that I hoped they were going to take any mention of being a "vegetarian cafe/pub" out of their advertising literature, and off the sign outside etc (at least to replace it with "veggie friendly" or something) but they didn't really seem to think that was required. I have no idea what happens there now as I never went back.
ebo ebo
Re: How good is the veggie food in your area?
November 19, 2008 01:58AM
Hey everyone!

I'm lucky enough to live two minutes away from the best veggie restaurant in Manchester, Greens. It's run by Simon Rimmer off Something for the Weekend, who has a great eye for good veggie recipes. Check out some of his recipes on the BBC food website if you're ever stuck for ideas. There aren't many proper fancy vegetarian restaurants around Manchester that I know of, so going to Greens for special occasions and wotnot is a no-brainer!

There's also a load of veggie cafes in Manchester. My favourite is probably the Eighth Day cafe just opposite my uni, which is just too tempting sometimes! They have a great shop too so I can keep stocked up on Taifun tofu sausages.

I never knew about the Unicorn though. I'm going to have to give that a visit sometime soon. Looks pretty fab!

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