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I'm curious to know....
January 09, 2011 01:26AM
...after an interesting chat with a colleague yesterday, I'm trying to find out how many veggies/vegans took the step gradually, and how many took the plunge pretty much overnight.

I did it in one fell swoop after seeing a particularly distressing TV item on the news about the transport of cattle to France. By the end of the item, I'd gone from omnivore (though with animal welfare tendencies!) to vegetarian. The whole lot went out the window that instant - meat, fish, seafood, gelatine, cochineal etc etc.

However, I know that some people initially only give up meat, then fish later, and only after quite some time do they start worrying about additives etc. I still know one girl who would claim to be 100% vegetarian but has never, ever checked an ingredients list for gelatine because she says that somehow, to her, it doesn't count.

So - my question is (for those of you who weren't brought up veggie) - did you make the change gradually or all at one go?

I look forward to hearing your stories, and I hope you're all having a peaceful and safe 2011 so far.

Re: I'm curious to know....
March 10, 2011 12:11AM
i was 10 (so realy last year) and hated the way animals are treated (so the same as now) that always somehow got to me and a book that my grandad got me to finalise the decision as it got to me in the one way it could,stories of protests and song lyrics.
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