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Veggie house share
September 12, 2010 11:41AM

I am hoping that some of you can help with any recommendations of where you can search for a vegetarian friendly house share?

Is there an area of this forum or another site where I can either post an advert or search for rooms?

I am a vegetarian in London that is hoping to find a room with other veggie or vegan people.

Many thanks, Jess
Re: Veggie house share
September 12, 2010 01:17PM
Hi Jess,

have a look at vegcom.org

It's not terribly active; I didn't find anything when I was looking a while back but maybe you're lucky.

Re: Veggie house share
September 12, 2010 01:40PM
That was my thought too, though if there's not much on there...! Otherwise, Gumtree is a pretty good website and I guess you can post an ad looking for veggie housemates, making sure veggie is in the title.

There's no facility on Happy Cow as far as I know. The majority of the site is very USA-centric anyway.

Good luck with your search. You could maybe put up a card in some of the London veggie restaurants too.
Re: Veggie house share
September 12, 2010 03:17PM
Hi jess, I thought about doing similar in Edinburgh. Maybe you could try veg*n caf?s, they may have a notice board you could advertise on?
Re: Veggie house share
September 23, 2010 04:00AM
Might be worth posting a message on the London group on Volentia, we've had people in a similar situation. It's a great networking site for veg*ns anyway, and has over 400 London members and over 13,000 worldwide...
Re: Veggie house share
October 27, 2010 09:06AM
Thanks you for all of your suggestions and help spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
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