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I'm a Celeb - cruel to animals?
November 19, 2008 02:31AM
I'm interested to know if anyone else here refuses to watch "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here", not on the basis that it's a load of over-hyped celebrity nonsense (!), but rather on the basis that all the "trials" they are encouraged to undergo, seem to involve eating plates of some poor roasted animal (be it an insect, or I understand this week, crocodile and kangaroo)?

I mentioned this at work the other day and, even though my co-workers know I'm veggie, they were surprised that I would find the use of animals in this kind of "entertainment" offensive!

What are your thoughts on this?


To make it clear, I don't watch the show but I hear about it from the radio and from people at work.

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Re: I'm a Celeb - cruel to animals?
November 21, 2008 04:39AM
Yeah, it's pretty gruesome, not that I'd want to watch it even if the trials didn't involve that sort of thing.

But surely some of the celebrities on there are veggie. What would they do if they got picked for a trial? My hunch is most of them just abandon their morals for the tiny chance it might revive their careers.
Re: I'm a Celeb - cruel to animals?
December 22, 2008 06:18AM
It was totally wrong and most definitely cruel to animals.
Not only did they eat insects alive, they also poured insects upon snakes and spiders etc in some of the trials.
I saw one of the snakes being bitten by the insects.
Then at the end they all tip out onto the floor to be trodden on.
Totally wrong.
Re: I'm a Celeb - cruel to animals?
October 30, 2009 07:01AM
I know this show is over now but I entirely agree about the cruelty I don't watch it because of that and walk out of the office when its being talked about which of course my non sympathetic meat eating coworkers think hilarious. its sickening more so that noone complains or if they are their comments are being withheld by the show makers - surely not because they don't want a bit of potential guilt marring their big moneyspining show.
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