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Hi to new members - introduce yourself! 35 Replies 35 Replies
Started by emsr2d2. Last reply by ShobhanaSingh Jan. 18, 2013
Welcome to all new members

Feel free to introduce yourself on this thread! I'll make a start, as I started the group!

I'm Emma, from Brighton, and I've been vegetarian for 19 years. Since March 2009, I've been living in Madrid and working as an English teacher. Back ... Read More »

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I'm back!
Started by emsr2d2 on Sep. 9, 2013
Apologies for my absence for the last couple of months. I was suddenly and inexplicably locked out of my Happy Cow account and the issue has only just been resolved.

I hope everyone has been enjoying this fabulous summer and getting plenty of delicious veggie food into the bargain! ... Read More »

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Have you started making food for the festive season yet?
Started by emsr2d2 on Nov. 8, 2012
So, Hallowe'en and Firework Night are out of the way and the shops are now fully stocked with Christmas fare. Whether you like it or not (and I think it's far too early!), the Christmas season seems to be well and truly upon us.

So - are you making anything this far in advance. Any ... Read More »

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J'ai passé un bon vacance!
Started by emsr2d2 on Aug. 8, 2012
Hi everyone and welcome to the new members!

I've just come back from a fantastic 5 days in central France - in the Limousin region. I've been there many times and in the past I really struggled to find vegetarian food. To my delight two years ago a friend introduced me to a ... Read More »

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Spring has sprung
Started by emsr2d2 on Mar. 18, 2012
So it looks like spring has finally arrived, between the rainstorms at least! Are you looking forward to the new food spring has to offer? What will you be doing with baby carrots, spring greens, leeks, spring cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli, salad leaves? Or are you disappointed to be leaving ... Read More »

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The Healthy Vegan DVD
Started by robinhood on Mar. 15, 2012
try The Healthy Vegan video compilation of delicious plant-based and raw food recipes to help you eat to feel good!
This DVD is a must have, if you are a vegan, vegetarian or just looking to reduce or cut out dairy products from your diet.

You will find from using this DVD ... Read More »

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Summer came back! 2 Replies 2 Replies
Started by emsr2d2. Last reply by emsr2d2 Oct. 3, 2011
So - just as I was thinking about a post asking what everyone's favourite warming autumn food is, back came summer with a vengeance!

Has the BBQ come back out? Is your fridge confused by the seasonal produce but the weather that doesn't match? Or are you too busy sunning yourself on ... Read More »

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Like some help! 3 Replies 3 Replies
Started by Northbenders. Last reply by emsr2d2 Sep. 30, 2011

I'm a Vegan living in Washington State in the USA. This September, my wife and I are going to be traveling to Ireland for a 10 day visit. As my last name is McCarthy, you can imagine the reasons for our visit. LOL. Anyway, I've checked out some of the names of the places ... Read More »

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Vegan Boy To Rollerblade Dressed as Chicken for Animal Sanctuary
Started by James Gorman on May. 9, 2011
Please support and spread the word about my son's enterprising fundraiser. Thank you! Find out more here: www.evolvecampaigns.org.uk/buglet.asp

14 year old Chris, youth contact for EVOLVE! ... Read More »

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I'm curious to know.... 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by emsr2d2. Last reply by veggiesarah Mar. 10, 2011
...after an interesting chat with a colleague yesterday, I'm trying to find out how many veggies/vegans took the step gradually, and how many took the plunge pretty much overnight.

I did it in one fell swoop after seeing a particularly distressing TV item on the news about the ... Read More »

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Pancake day! 5 Replies 5 Replies
Started by emsr2d2. Last reply by emsr2d2 Mar. 7, 2011
So - it's Shrove Tuesday in a couple of days. What yummy veggie fillings do you have planned? And for the vegans out there - will you be making vegan versions?

Last year I was living in Madrid but I made pancakes anyway - did a very tasty ratatouille style filling for the savoury ... Read More »

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Pizza Express competition 6 Replies 6 Replies
Started by emsr2d2. Last reply by emsr2d2 Nov. 24, 2010
Pizza Express recently launched a competition to find a new pizza to go on their national menu.

The 53,000 entries have now been whittled down to five, one of which is vegan! I've already voted for it - please go on the website and vote for it too, and encourage your veggie/vegan ... Read More »

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Veggie house share 5 Replies 5 Replies
Started by Jescam. Last reply by Jescam Oct. 27, 2010

I am hoping that some of you can help with any recommendations of where you can search for a vegetarian friendly house share?

Is there an area of this forum or another site where I can either post an advert or search for rooms?

I am a vegetarian in ... Read More »

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Meat Free Mondays 3 Replies 3 Replies
Started by emsr2d2. Last reply by emsr2d2 Sep. 23, 2010
Hi everyone, and welcome to all recent new members!

I'd like to draw everyone's attention to the "Meat Free Mondays" campaign. It's primarily been started to draw people's attention to the climate-changing impact of meat production and consumption, but obviously it would ... Read More »

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It's summer - it must be BBQ time!
Started by emsr2d2 on Aug. 2, 2010
I hope everyone's having a great summer. I'm back in the UK for a couple of months, escaping the debilitating Madrid heat.

There's been some pretty good weather since I've been back and I've noticed, as every summer, that Friday and Saturday evenings bring with them the smell of ... Read More »

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Surprising other people with information
Started by emsr2d2 on Apr. 30, 2010
Hi everyone (especially the latest new members!)

I'm just wondering how often you manage to surprise someone with information about certain things not being suitable for vegetarians.

The things which spring to mind most readily for me are cheese (animal rennet), ... Read More »

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My AR Online Store
Started by Ryman on Apr. 20, 2010
Hope you guys don't mind a little advertising, but the profits I make do go to a good cause.


Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Location of veggie food in shops 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by emsr2d2. Last reply by Ryman Apr. 6, 2010
Now that I'm living in Spain where the availability of specialist vegetarian food is limited to say the least, I find myself missing UK supermarkets and veggie food shops.

Thinking about it today, I recalled wondering about the location of veggie food in ordinary supermarkets when I ... Read More »

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Unexpected veggie delights? 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by emsr2d2. Last reply by Ryman Feb. 7, 2010
I'm interested to know if members have had any unexpectedly fantastic vegetarian food, specifically at non-vegetarian restaurants or cafes.

I recall visiting a fairly standard "English" restaurant in Devon, where the vast majority of the menu was meat or fish. There were ... Read More »

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Is This Group Still Active? 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by Ryman. Last reply by emsr2d2 Feb. 7, 2010
I've been checking recent messages every so often, but haven't seen much activity. With the Mod being in Spain, has the group been left unmoderated?

Clothes for Veggies
[Read More »

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I'm a Celeb - cruel to animals? 3 Replies 3 Replies
Started by emsr2d2. Last reply by Cleo_Josie Oct. 30, 2009
I'm interested to know if anyone else here refuses to watch "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here", not on the basis that it's a load of over-hyped celebrity nonsense (!), but rather on the basis that all the "trials" they are encouraged to undergo, seem to involve eating ... Read More »

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Are you a "Locatarian"?
Started by emsr2d2 on Oct. 8, 2009
I was watching an interesting video on You Tube the other day when I came across the term "locatarian" for the first time.

As you can probably guess, this a recently coined term to describe someone who eats only locally produced foods. Admittedly, it wasn't necessarily ... Read More »

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Moving to Spain!
Started by emsr2d2 on Mar. 9, 2009
I hope this isn't too odd, but UK Veggies will now be being moderated from Spain! Since I started this group, I've had something of a life change and have applied to be an English teacher in Madrid. Rather surprisingly, I was accepted and I'm leaving on Friday for the opportunity of a ... Read More »

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How is 2009 going? 2 Replies 2 Replies
Started by emsr2d2. Last reply by emsr2d2 Jan. 26, 2009
So, how is 2009 treating everyone so far?
Stuck to your New Year resolutions? Didn't make any?

I generally don't make them but this year I gave myself two goals at least:

1) To keep trying to move further towards veganism.
2) To try not to ... Read More »

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How good is the veggie food in your area? 14 Replies 14 Replies
Started by emsr2d2. Last reply by ebo Nov. 19, 2008
I'm so lucky to live in Brighton - I'm not sure it deserves it's old title of "Veggie Capital of Britain" any more, but I certainly can't complain.
We still have the only veggie pub I know of, and 3 completely vegetarian restaurants. A couple of veggie cafes, and 2 veggie ... Read More »

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So...how are we enjoying autumn?
Started by emsr2d2 on Sep. 23, 2008
Hi everyone

I just wondered how everyone is enjoying the beginning of autumn? The leaves are falling, Brussels sprouts are in the shops, pumpkins have started turning up - oh and of course Christmas crackers are on sale!!!

I love this time of year. I know it's ... Read More »

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Your favourite veggie/vegan dish to serve friends 4 Replies 4 Replies
Started by emsr2d2. Last reply by Sernicki Aug. 13, 2008
I'm always curious as to what other people make for their friends if they're coming round for dinner. My last meal I dished up to some friends was mini baked potato skins stuffed with halloumi and sweetcorn for a starter, a fantastic "Cosmic Curry" from my ayurvedic cookbook and a rather ... Read More »

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Victorian London Veggy
Started by JohnnySensible on Jul. 22, 2008
I just discovered that London already had veggy restaurants / cafes back in the 1880's.


See the "Gandhi" post.


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Hello! 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by juliej. Last reply by emsr2d2 Jun. 20, 2008
I live in Plymouth in the South West. I have been a vegetarian for 7 years & I feel great. I live with my partner Kev who is also vegetarian & my rescued Cat Winston.
Nice to meet you all & I'm glad there are more Uk veggies on here. I love living in the South West surronded by ... Read More »

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Quick first hello! 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by JohnnySensible. Last reply by emsr2d2 May. 22, 2008
Hi Guys!

I turned veggy in the UK back in 1978 - with the help of Uhuru in Oxford!

[www.happycow.net] - for Uhuru.

For a few months I have been working quite ... Read More »

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