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Visiting Toronto
September 03, 2012 07:44PM
Hi everyone,

I know this group is pretty stagnant, but thought to let you guys know I'll be in Toronto for the Veg Fest this weekend. If anyone would like to meet up let me know. Also if you're headed to the festival, I'll be there with HappyCow decals. smiling smiley

Thanks, eric
Re: Visiting Toronto
September 04, 2012 06:31AM
Hey Eric,

It's true, this group is quite stagnant, though it's nice that these messages come to my email.

I'm visiting Toronto too! And what a perfect time to be doing so smiling smiley

My girlfriend is volunteering at the veg food festival. Let's definitely get together! Maybe we'll hit up a restaurant or do a potluck thing.

I hear there are some new veg. restaurants since the last time I was here (around January).

Anyone else in?

Re: Visiting Toronto
September 07, 2012 08:34PM
Will see you there tomorrow!
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