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Pat Pat
New to the group
July 03, 2008 09:30AM
Hey guys!!
Well I am new to the group. my wife and i have no Vegan Friends in DFW or anywhere at that. I was just wondering if you guys ever hook up and have pot lucks or go out and eat some where. Just let me know

thanks guys
Re: New to the group
November 05, 2008 08:03AM
Hey Pat!

I just started this page as an off shoot of our main website. We have a lot of events with a good amount of people attending our events.

Heres our page:
Re: New to the group
June 25, 2010 03:53AM
We live North of you in the Sherman Denison area and I am afraid Vegans are few and far in this area.
I am the only Vegan I know..My family is still eating some meat and are slowly going laco-ovo veg but will be some time before they go vegan...raw vegan I do not know if they will dare. I actually feel better as a raw vegan well 75% raw.
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