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hey guys!
March 01, 2011 10:27PM
I'm gypsy. I live in San Antonio, I am a high school student. My family and I were in a terrible car accident with a drunk driver on November 27,2009. My mother is part of MADD it is Mothers Against Drunk Driving.Everyone was hurt, but my mother was hurt the most. She had her foot broken and she was bed riddin for six weeks and was in a wheel chair for five months. We are just very lucky to be alive. I now know that i have a purpose in life.
On May the 14th there will be a walk for MADD and there is going to be a section for kids and teens and victims of drunk drivers. The walk will be $20.00 and if you have a business it will be $50.00 to tell people about your business. If you are interested in walking, supporting, or donating to this non profit organization i would love that very much smiling smiley yall can send me a message letting me know or asking a questions either on here or my e-mail which is gypsy4248@yahoo.com

Much love- xxGypsyxx
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