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Mostly Vegetarian...Getting There.
May 09, 2010 11:17AM
Hello Everyone...

Glad to be here and discovering so much about becoming a vegetarian. Specially when I have spend almost 60 years of my life eating everything that there is. That's why I need to be honest with myself and that's why I say "Mostly Vegetarian...Getting There".
I has been a rude awakening when I was diagnosed with diabetes...I was really shocked and I have turned that discomfortable knowledgement of being a diabetic person for the rest of my life to a positive way of thinking and eating healthier. Since early March/10 up to now on Mother's Day I have lost over 20 pounds; the Dr., took me off the medications and I'm controlling my diabetes on my new healthy eating habits.
Thanks for listening...UzArt
Re: Mostly Vegetarian...Getting There.
June 26, 2010 04:20AM
Great Job!
I too had type 2 diabetes. The change came at first due to health ... I touted that the Vegan mentality and yeah animals was not what I was about... then weird thoughts came to mind. It was as if the Vegan change in diet was allowing my mind to open up and understand that animals were living and breathing.
I began to encourage donations to the local no kill animal shelter. Then helped a friend rescue a cow from a feed yard... ok well we sorta didn't have permission.. anyway the then calf is now happy on a farm south of dallas. Before I knew what hit me I was one of "Those" people.

going veg- to vegan is fantastic.. good luck and congrats on your choice to get healthy!!
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