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Happy Veggie grinning smiley
June 22, 2009 08:11PM
My best friends accept me as a vegetarian, but I do have a few friends that make close minded jokes about it. What's worse is that even some of my family members disrespect me, but i'm fine. I'll have to get use to it. I'm 18 years old and I"ve been vegetarian for about 2 years and a couple of months
But here's an advice to everyone... my cousin once told me something that I wont EVER forget he said "it's good that your a vegetarian, don't let haters bother you or let you down... the only reason why they hate on you is because they KNOW that can't ever be like you". With that kepted in my mind, the haters can go **** fill in the blanks with your creativity*****. smiling smiley
Re: Happy Veggie grinning smiley
June 03, 2010 08:46AM
I have the exact same problem.
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