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vegan cafe / bakery / store
April 04, 2010 05:54AM
greetings to co-earthling in taiwan.

myself living in china / ningbo.

any vegan cafe / bakery / store there, intersted to guide, help co-create such venture in china ?

thanking you

best wishes


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Re: Seeking guidance / suggestion
April 10, 2010 11:48PM
Hi Gope

Thanks for finding this group. It's great to meet (or soon to be) another vegan interested in coming to Taiwan.

Personally, I think you may have hit on a good idea for a vegan restaurant here in Taiwan. May I ask first, are you either Indian, or do you have links to India? Your website alludes to possible links, but it doesn't really matter of course.

If you do (or even if you don't, but it might help if you do so far as getting ingredients, bringing in staff etc if you want to?) I think a vegetarian (vegan) Indian restaurant would go down very well in Taiwan, so long as it was in the right place. Every time I've eaten at a good vegetarian Indian restaurant over the last couple of years (eg Thailand and Japan) I've told the owner this, but so far only one has shown any interest at all.

Basically Taiwanese like foreign food, and Indian fetches a high price here. And as you noted, there are many, many vegetarian restaurants here (and a growing number of vegan ones). However, most of the "Indian" restaurants are run by Pakistanis, who, understandably, cater very well to the Muslim clientele, but show little support if any for vegetarians, and several have lied to me about whether dishes are vegan, so I hardly go to them any more. So I think a veg Indian would be quite popular.

The trick would be to place it near a temple, as that's where many of the veg restaurants seem to be. I think it could work well if you could make classic non-veg dishes out of mock meats, which are so popular here. But even traditional South/Gujarati and even Northern Indian food should all be popular.

If not, a vegetarian Thai or other popular cuisine could go down well. There are a few 'Thaiwanese' veg places, but as far as I can tell, no real Thai vegetarian places like the ones in Thailand.

That's my five cents of advice. Any questions or anything I can help with - let me know.

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