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Biblical basis for veg*anism
April 16, 2008 10:21AM
I started a blog on just this topic a couple of months ago, if you'd like to see some scriptural evidence of God's vegan will for us. My blog is at [www.step-healthy.blogspot.com]

I just recently "got it," after a scare with diabetes and various other ailments. After three months as a vegan (following Dr. Neal Barnard's program), my diabetes was completely in remission, and all my numbers (after another three months) were in the healthy range. And I've lost 25 pounds, too.

Which led me and my wife to both ask, "what do they put in all the meat, that it is so harmful to us physically, mentally, and in all other ways?" Digging into my Bible, I found that we were engineered to operate at peak efficiency on a fruit/vegetable/nut/grain diet. The Designer set up the machine in such a way that those sources nourish us best.

Bottom line: eat what we were meant to eat from the beginning. (Duh!)

Besides that, it's just plain RUDE to eat the animals God created as His and our pets. We were supposed to take care of them not eat them, for Heaven's sake! What if I gave my grandson a puppy and he ATE it! Sheesh!
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