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business/company or group interested in free plant-based education & study by a physician?
March 04, 2011 10:38AM
Hi all! I am a physician in the L.A. area. I do research on the benefits of a plant-based (=vegan) diet. I am also a plant-based nutrition educator and coach. For one of my next studies I would like to focus on a group, business/company (preferably) that is anywhere in size from 15 people - 100 people in size.

Basically, I would provide free diet and nutrition education and materials to the group (voluntary participation of course) on the value of a plant-based diet in conjunction with the study. We would have participants switch from their current diet to a plant-based one for 4-8 weeks (depends on a couple factors that can be elucidated at a later date) and measure various health parameters before and after. These important biomarkers would be: BMI, weight, lipid profile, blood pressure, diabetes (both risk and active cases).

The advantages for an employer in addition to the obvious increased wellness of the employee population (which I am trying to show in the study) is increased productivity, less absenteeism, more presenteeism, etc. Additionally, based on the clinical results employers (depending on size) may be able to negotiate less expensive health insurance rates from their carrier/broker based on a healthier employee population.

If there is any interest please feel free to check out our existing study results on my blog with some local L.A. participants: www.theplantrx.com.

Also please email me via the site for more information and to discuss in greater detail. Thanks! Jenna
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