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I saw earthlings too
June 05, 2011 09:21AM
And yes i understand what you mean , it is really very hard for us, since we are very sensitive and concious about the respect for the life, i am agnostic with a spiritual inclination(in future maybe i will study about this subject deeply and i could change i don't know) but in any way i could say that some people like us had been "blessed" with this capacity to feel the empathy for others, the human should feel naturally like this, but too many people borned without it or simply they lost their humanity in the way.

When i saw earthling i was already vegetarian because i knew about animals suffering, i didnt need to see it with my eyes to be concious about it , i saw earthlings just for curiosity,and really it was terrible, it took some days more till i could take out the hard memories of this film from my head, i am tour guide i should be happy for my tourists , but that days i was so impacted for the film that it was hard to pretend to be happy, it is made for people with hard heart.
Instead "peaceable kingdom" is easer to be seen for people who has a veggie heart, like us.
Re: I saw earthlings too
June 06, 2011 04:44AM
We do not have to live like this.
But we need to realize that we are an evolving species, still at a primitive stage collectively speaking (100,000 or even a million years is nothing in the evolutionary time scale).
However, we need to learn where we go wrong. And that is at the stage where we interpret the happenings in the world --- in our heads with right or wrong ideas.
Economics is full of wrong ideas but they can be cleared out. To do this economic literacy is just as important as reading and counting, else economists will continue to deceive us.

"The purpose of studying economics... is to learn how to avoid being deceived by economists" Joan Robinson, economist.

Having said the above, what is the use of this kind of insight? It is useful if we want to consider changing things. In that case, to know what we are up against is indispensable. Then we can think about formulating some plans to stop the unnecessary cruelties our species is visiting on fellow creatures.

Admittedly, this is not an easy task but it needs to be faced if we want to do more than wringing our hands.

The rest of this post is continued in the more directly relevant topic of Activism.

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