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Respect Life
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Crying Activism
April 17, 2009 03:07PM
Alright everyone here it goes. I have just watched the documentary "Earthlings". It documents our uses of animals for pets,food,clothing,entertainment, and science. I do not recommend people watching this unless you can watch graphic abuse to animals. For me personally the film taught me a lot and it helped strengthen my activism. So in your everyday life, understand that suffering to animals is going on and the best way to live life is to reduce our impact. Have a good day !!!
Re: Crying Activism
April 04, 2011 03:52PM
I just want to update this discussion by posting something.
First off, I rate the concept "respect for life" highly as a human concern. But it is respect for human life as well. I think that it is an illusion that we can be kind to animals while the lack of respect for human life remains endemic in our institutions. By this I mean, for example, the tacit acceptance that governments can behave as though they have ownership over the individual citizens under their jurisdiction---ordering them to go to war, for example, or, in totalitarian regimes, threatening to wage war against them if they protest too vigorously as the case is in Egypt and Libya currently.

Sovereignty belongs to individuals, not to the state.
Stafford Beer, in World in Torment

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Re: Crying Activism
June 05, 2011 09:26AM
you are right
Re: Crying Activism
June 06, 2011 05:24AM
If we want to engage in effective activism we have to 1) understand the issues, 2) we have to work in teams and teams of teams---ideally through developing a science and art of effective* activism. Protest is important for raising awareness and eliciting public support but is not enough
The issues have roots in outdated economic ideas and theories that do not conform to the real world. So there is no substitute for economic literacy as a defense against deception propagated by autistic economists.

* "Effective" could mean here simply activism that deals with causes of issues, with symptoms and effects receiving a kind of necessary "first aid" while the causes are being eliminated.

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Re: Crying Activism
June 07, 2011 07:43AM
cheeto Wrote:
> ...I have just watched the documentary "Earthlings"...

More posts here.
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