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newbie and needs your help
August 26, 2011 08:32AM
Hi All!

I'm very happy to have seen this group and would like to ask for your help. I've been lacto-veg for almost 10 yrs now and would like to at least incorporate RAW on my diet. I would like to know, as a newbie, Where to I start? What food should I start making? Would love to hear from you guys.

Lots of love from the Philippines smiling smiley

More power!
Re: newbie and needs your help
August 29, 2011 10:38AM
The best, and only place, to start your raw food journey is by reading Dr. Douglas Graham's books - The 80-10-10 Diet & Grain Damage. Pretty much sums it all up. Don't bother following all the raw chocolate super food gurus, you'll only end up with deficiencies and leaving the raw food diet behind as a "failure". I am living proof of this. I started my raw journey with Doug, got sidetracked by the choco-super foodies, wound up with many deficiencies and almost went back to eating animals. Not good! Get on board with 80-10-10 and never get off.

Best wishes,
Re: newbie and needs your help
August 29, 2011 11:27AM
Hi Astrum,

Thanks for the advice. Will definitely search for that book and start my raw diet one meal at a time Sad

Thanks again.
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