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A more humane hunt? You decide...........
April 09, 2008 02:37AM
This year the Canadian government promised a more humane hunt. They said "Canada's seal hunt is humane, sustainable and responsible."

They lied.

Thanks to your support, IFAW Hunt Observers have been on the ground and in the air documenting the hunt since it opened on the 28th of March. Only days into the hunt they have captured on camera instances where animals were shot and clearly left to suffer on the ice, in one case for over a minute. They have witnessed live seals being hooked and dragged across the ice. And in one of the more disturbing moments they watched as a sealer wrote an expletive on the ice while a recently clubbed seal behind him started to move...obviously still alive.

Is this the Canadian government's idea of a more humane hunt?

WARNING: This footage is graphic and disturbing.

Observing and documenting the hunt is not easy work. It means hours of anxiously scanning the gulf region looking for sealing boats - because the Department of Fisheries and Oceans won't release specific coordinates of where hunting is taking place. It means watching hours of tape to make sure we document every violation that we captured on film.

But without this footage the world would have no idea of the kind of cruelty really taking place.

The Canadian government will continue in their attempt to justify the seal hunt - both in Canada and abroad. But no matter how the truth is distorted, it cannot change the fact that the seal hunt is terribly cruel and unneccesary.

Your support today is more critical than ever.


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Re: A more humane hunt? You decide...........
April 09, 2008 04:35PM
Thanks so much for the update Treehugger! When things of this nature are repoted,it brings awareness that violence for all must be ebolished!
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