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Peace and Rights Activism
Peace and Rights Activism - this site is awesome!!!! - Discussion Forum

this site is awesome!!!!
July 27, 2009 10:11PM
hey there good people! this site is awesome. i'm Sparky and i'm from Pa. i enjoyed reading and listening to all the music and messages. especially the free hugs video. that is so groovy. i'm actually trying to start a small conservationist group around here and i could use a lil advice on how to get it going. e.g. are there any legal things i have to worry bout. so if you feel up to it please drop me a line. if not don't worry bout it. i figure it out. any info you can give will be greatly appreciated. ok..have a good day...Peace and Love to you all!!!!grinning smiley
Re: this site is awesome!!!!
October 01, 2009 06:27PM
Could you tell us more about your conservationist group. That's great motivation.
As for the music, I am just about to add more songs. If you have some favorite that fit into the peace and activist type genera, please add it into the song section.
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