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What is your favorite at home McDougall meal or dish? Is it from the McD cookbooks or some other source?
May 21, 2008 11:51PM
We have two favorite things we eat A LOT. The first would be all manner of tacos and bowls. They're never the same. Rice, beans, salsa and then whatever else we want to throw in. We can get rather creative. Whole Foods has beans for sixty-nine cents a can and have a salt free variety which we buy mostly. We kind of mix it up with the different brands of tortillas and buy mostly corn since my wife does not tolerate wheat very well.

Our second most common meal is spaghetti and we buy the Whole Foods "fat free" pasta sauce which is excellent. We put this over Tinkyada brand rice pasta (usually the organic ones) and then add some greens like kale or chard. We tend to add kale and chard a lot to the burritos as well.

As the seasons change our diet changes with whatever produce is on sale or at the farmers markets. As summer approaches we tend to drift to corn on the cob, watermelon and stuffed green peppers (a great recipe my mom found in a vegan book which I will find and post here later.)

Breakfast seems bland but I look forward to it. Usually just oatmeal and bananas or other fruit or the Wheat Free "Seven Grain" cereal by Arrowhead Mills. I also like the Perky's Nutty Rice cereal with applesauce and raisins and occasionally buy the "Fruit Sweetened" corn flakes from Natures Path but boxed cereals are definitely the exception and kept around for rushed mornings.

One of my favorite new things; and I have a feeling it is just a local product; is "Mexicali Bean Dip" made by De Casa Fine Foods in Eugene OR. It is found in the refrigerated deli section of the store. It is excellent. I throw some tortillas on the griddle to warm, slather some of the bean dip on the top to heat the beans, then a little salsa and roll and eat. It's a quick meal for lunch if I'm home. Definitely all McD.

I have always been a bread fanatic so I'm a natural McD'er. We buy the Alvarado Street bakery Sprouted Barley bread or sometimes the Multi-Grain. Locally, a lot of the Nature Bake breads are McD friendly but not all. Gotta keep reading the labels.

On a sad note, the Guiltless Gourmet Salt Free Baked Tortilla chips we used to buy are not McD friendly any longer. Now they add oil to them. So, gotta make our own now if we want them.

Well, that's a start on the food we eat. The non-McD'ers think I am deprived but I am completely content with my food and have done some enormously long hikes on just simple McD foods while they sit on their couch decrying that I'm probably not getting enough calcium and protein and their mothers get osteoporosis. I try to point out that cows are not carnivorous, stopped drinking milk when they were very young, and get by just fine on a grass diet and get huge and strong too but they just look bewildered. I sometimes offer them a free McD cookbook (I have a box of them) as incentive but it looks too "unamerican" and feel it could be "dangerous" to make such a radical switch in diet. Then they hop down to the other McD's for a Big Mac (ingredients unknown) and fill up their arteries as well as their stomach. Well, the proof is in the oat milk pudding and my food is working very well for me thank you.

Oh, I should mention that the Mary McD french toast is incredible and even the grandkids have no idea there are no eggs or milk on their bread. And it's so easy to make. Keep the good food coming Mary. Love the new recipes in the newsletter every month.
Re: What is your favorite at home McDougall meal or dish? Is it from the McD cookbooks or some other source?
May 23, 2008 06:06PM
you sound like you've got it down! I was so pissed at Guiltless Gourmet for messing up a perfectly good chip!!!!!!!!!!! I just buy different grains and make the whole bag/box and pyrex it up and just mix it up during the 3 days it lasts. I've got a bowl of wild rice in the fridge now and I'll just toss it in an sprouted grain tortilla with some lettuce and hot sauce or some other fat free dressing.

I like fatfreevegan.blogspot.com But I'll take any recipe and just leave out the fat and use a better grain. I'm digging Veganomicon's sweet potato quesadillas right now! Just mash some sweet potatos in a pot with garlic and onion and toss on a tortilla and fold it over in a nonstick pan and its outstanding in like 5 minutes tops!

Dr. McD's oatmeals are pretty good, too. I'm not a big breakfast eater, but mixing it up between english muffins / pancakes / etc just depends on how much time you've got! McD sells pancake mix, too.
Re: What is your favorite at home McDougall meal or dish? Is it from the McD cookbooks or some other source?
March 18, 2009 07:23PM
I am not a strict McDougall eater...but I realized a few years ago all of my favorite "classic mom" recipes originated from McDougall cookbooks. My absolute favorite is the Tofu Burger recipe. (Before you could by veggie burgers at the grocery store, my mom would make these & freeze dozens of them so we could have a quick sandwich or tofu burger on a salad whenever...very luxurious)
Re: What is your favorite at home McDougall meal or dish? Is it from the McD cookbooks or some other source?
March 18, 2009 07:29PM
I get most of mine from fatfreevegan.com

Mostly its baked potatoes / Falafel / Rice dishes for lunch and dinner for me and cabinet and fridge full of spices and sauces to make them interesting. I'm 100% McDougall at home, and swing more to the McDougall program for Maximum Weight loss to offset the crap I eat at endless veg restaurants. I've been getting really good at eating oil free out at restaurants, just not on vacation smiling smiley
December 19, 2009 09:09PM
You might try looking in Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D.
His wife has many, many recipes that look good. Vegan No oil
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