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Westside Eats...
March 04, 2008 07:45PM
I often feel a little frustrated with the choices around LA. We live in Santa Monica and while I'm happy for RFD, and the few other veg places it gets a bit boring. Do you have any suggestions of other places to try?
I'd rather support fully veg. places, but it's also good to order veg at non-veg places so they continue to offer those dishes (and perhaps include more).
Let me know if you have a favorite place. smiling smiley
Re: Westside Eats...
March 07, 2008 01:53AM
Ha, I'm moving to Santa Monica just for the vegan food. I haven't been to RFD in a WHILE its like Vegan 1.0, lol. Well I love their nachos, lol. A Votre Santa isn't 100% but they rock the house as one of the few places that offer "OIL FREE" options for truly healthy eating. Kane and Dave's has vegan tacos. I've just started hitting up Jax since its next to my office. Native Foods isn't that far either, but you've got to get the fat sauce on the side for the healthy bowls to actually be healthy, I'm pretty sure Gandhi didn't do Ranch Dressing... There's so many options you don't know how good you've got it! I'm coming from St.louis where there's ZERO. You've just got to learn to be a vegan tourist in your own town and not eat out every meal, but a few times a week when you know the traffic is lightest and you're not in a hurry! If I lived 100 miles from M Cafe I'd still go there 3 times a week. Would have convert my prius to plug in hybrid so I didn't kill the environment while doing so, lol.
Re: Westside Eats...
March 07, 2008 08:15AM
Hi gr8vegan,
Cool to hear you're moving into the hood. Thanks for your take on my point. We DO already frequent all the places you mention (fyi - it's "Kay & Daves" - i believe).
Problem is we hate getting in the car to drive very far in traffic only to eat. At least you own a hybrid.
Perhaps we'll carpool sometime once you settle down? smiling smiley
A couple places are rumered to be opening soon, so perhaps things are getting even better here:
and also vegan pizzas:
Re: Westside Eats...
April 01, 2008 01:01AM
Oh man I'm a pizzafusion freak! I've been eating their pizza and drinking the organic beer in south florida since the day they opened, lol. They are right near my family's place! I was highly tempted to buy a franchise, but I can't support animal consumption so directly like that, its a gold mine, though! (but obviously i can buy vegan food at an establishment serving dead animals, but I'd much rather toss all my eating out $ to a 100% vegan joint!)

Also, I'd like to add Interim Cafe. I had a nice vegan lunch there the other day.

I ride the bike i rent at the Ambrose to most of the above, lol, while I'm in town. I'm getting a place right here in the area just so i can bike/walk to vegan food and whole foods! but yes the Prius does make it easy to head out to Silverlake on a whim, too for vegan town!

Can't wait for that casadetree!

Definitely looking forward to meeting you! I should be officially a los angelesian in 2 weeks!
Re: Westside Eats...
April 10, 2008 06:45PM
Hi Eric! And hi and nice to meet you gr8vegan!
I am so glad I happened by here. I eat many, many meals outs and I
didn't know about Kay and Dave's. It's nice having another option.
Plus the news of Pizza Fusion and Casa de Tree is exciting news.
Of course in case anyone didn't know Domiano's Mr Pizza, an Italian
restaurant has the usual vegan options in pastas but they also have
vegan cheese. Their crust and marinara are vegan as well which makes
for a vegan pizza. They also have a vegan minestrone. I haven't eaten there
in a few years though.
Re: Westside Eats...
April 10, 2008 06:49PM
Oh and bad news Soul Vegetarian is out of business but good news the owner of the building started her own place. Vegan Village Internet Cafe. They don't have a menu up yet but they are open for business. Here is a web site they are on.

Peace for ALL that live!
Re: Westside Eats...
April 10, 2008 07:28PM
Hey The Vegan,

Nice to see you here.
We do already list the Vegan Village, but nobody has written a review yet.
If you swing by please write one. Also, noticed your review of Leonors... did you know there are 3 of them and they're all separately owned? According to a trusted source, at least one of them is totally vegan (no casein), but I forget which one. You might want to call them and find out.
Are you planning to be at WorldFest? See you there if so!
Re: Westside Eats...
April 10, 2008 07:49PM
Hi Eric,

I recently ate the one in Studio City and no one had any clue
what the ingredients were and I am quite skeptical about calling
them up because from my experience the people there don't
have a clue, but I will call them all tonight to check and I'll let you know.
I seriously doubt that one of them is vegan but we'll see. It wasn't just the
cheese but the chicken too.
smiling bouncing smiley
As for Worldfest, if I am alive I will be there!!!!!cool smiley


Re: Westside Eats...
April 15, 2008 03:41PM
Looks like everyone is leaving out the obvious ones....unless you have been there and done that so to speak. I am speaking of Juliano's Raw (6th & Broadway), Euphoria (Main Street) and Leaf (Washington Blvd). I know that the first two are totally vegan in addition to being raw. I am not 100% about Leaf. Do something good for yourself and try them out.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 04/15/2008 03:42PM by JeremyStephan.
Re: Westside Eats...
April 29, 2008 07:56PM
Hi JeremyStephan,

Thanks for responding. Actually those raw places aren't bad, just a bit pricey. Leaf is the most reasonable of the 3, with larger potions for less. Juliano's does use honey, so if you're vegan beware.
What I was originally asking about was if anyone knew places that were not listed on HappyCow that offer some good vegan options.
An example is "Chaya's" on Main St.. While there is usually only one vegan dish on the menu, it is AMAZING and is worth a visit. The dish they've had this past month is a tempeh cutlet over greens and lentils. I brought my folks there (who normally eat fish & meat). Once they tasted some of my dish they made a point of coming back there just to order it themselves a few days later. Any similar exeriences elsewhere?
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