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Vegan jobs in LA! 2 Replies 2 Replies
Started by mamvis. Last reply by mamvis May. 21, 2012
Hi all!

In three months me and my wife will move from Berlin, Germany to Los Angeles. Cause I know the first few months in this city can be really tough I'm already trying to look around for jobs.
I have been vegan for 5 years and the last 2 years I only had vegan jobs too. ... Read More »

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business/company or group interested in free plant-based education & study by a physician?
Started by theplantrx.com on Mar. 4, 2011
Hi all! I am a physician in the L.A. area. I do research on the benefits of a plant-based (=vegan) diet. I am also a plant-based nutrition educator and coach. For one of my next studies I would like to focus on a group, business/company (preferably) that is anywhere in size from 15 people - ... Read More »

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vegan-la.com rounding up Everything Vegan about LA 2 Replies 2 Replies
Started by gr8vegan. Last reply by theplantrx.com Feb. 6, 2011
So I'm working on this forum Vegan-la.com to just round up and organize everything about Veganism in LA. Shopping / Eating / Snacking / Meeting / Events / etc. I just felt it was too much to bomb onto this forum and a lot of it is off topic about food, such as activism, etc. Please register! ... Read More »

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New Restaurant Openings 2 Replies 2 Replies
Started by eric. Last reply by eric Jun. 25, 2010
Use this thread to share announcements on new places opening in the LA area.

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Greater Los Angeles Veggie Hikers
Started by muk on Jan. 2, 2009
Hello everybody,

Please check out the Greater Los Angeles Vegetarian Hikers Meetup group.
( [www.meetup.com] ). The idea is to explore trails around LA with fellow vegetarians and vegans. We ... Read More »

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Here in the Valley 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by sheri. Last reply by eric Oct. 21, 2008
Anyone know of any veg groups here in the San Fernando Valley?

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Vegan Drinks 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by gr8vegan. Last reply by gr8vegan Sep. 10, 2008
I'm working on a Vegan Drinks meetup to copy our vegan brethren in NYC (see vegandrinks.org) [vegan.meetup.com] Please join up and suggest some good places we can imbibe some vegan spirits and bar food.

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Short Stop Thursday Happyhour Pot luck
Started by gr8vegan on Sep. 4, 2008

I went to this tonight and it was a lot of fun and there was some seriously good food! I just brought alone grocery store goodies because I didn't have time to make anything, but ... Read More »

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Best Of LA!!!! Vegan SuShi, Mexican Food, Beer, Ice Cream, etc 2 Replies 2 Replies
Started by gr8vegan. Last reply by gr8vegan Aug. 12, 2008
I just wanted to start this "Best of" Vegan LA thread. Sorry you cheesitarians that stuff is toxic poison so leave out of the tortured cows! See [drmcdougall.com] and feel free to start your own ... Read More »

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Ice Pan in hollywood awesome soy ice cream. low fat! 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by gr8vegan. Last reply by gr8vegan Jul. 22, 2008
[www.icepanusa.com] Wow, this place turned out to be awesome! Thanks Jason and Heather for letting us know about it at the meet up! They really clean off the pans and their utensils after each customer so cross ... Read More »

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Interim Cafe & Sante La Brea have updated menus, etc
Started by gr8vegan on Jul. 22, 2008
Just stopped in Interim Cafe on Wilshire and 6th for Lunch and noticed the menu was new. They have vegan sections for sandwiches and salads and one vegan soup each day. Vegan desserts, too.

Don't get their Chix sandwiches. Its like this hard lump of dry soy protein. Their ... Read More »

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Upcoming LA Events 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by eric. Last reply by veganskier1 Jul. 7, 2008
Hi ya all,

Do you know of any upcoming LA Events? Let's have a thread and post them here.
I'll add some below...

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Hello! 3 Replies 3 Replies
Started by Guest1. Last reply by Courtnichka Jun. 14, 2008
I live in the South Bay and there are many terrific Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants options: Happy Veggie (vegan), Terra Bella (raw), Casa de Tree Organic Cafe (vegan), Green Temple (vege). My all time favorites are Happy Veggie (the nicest people, too!), and Native Foods in either Westwood or Costa ... Read More »

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Harmonizing with Meat Eaters.... where can I go? 6 Replies 6 Replies
Started by gr8vegan. Last reply by gr8vegan Jun. 5, 2008
I need a list of places that I can take meat eaters on the West Side. I like A Vortre Sante a lot. Kay&Dave's Tacos. I can get a tofu scramble at Jinky's. Can anyone thing of any other places where no one will notice that I'm even vegan? I prefer places that actually write the word ... Read More »

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Westside Eats... 9 Replies 9 Replies
Started by eric. Last reply by eric Apr. 29, 2008
I often feel a little frustrated with the choices around LA. We live in Santa Monica and while I'm happy for RFD, and the few other veg places it gets a bit boring. Do you have any suggestions of other places to try?
I'd rather support fully veg. places, but it's also good to order veg at ... Read More »

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