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What WE BUY in one week
March 14, 2008 02:24AM
I was inspired for this discussion from Tatiana's post about what we eat in one week. I thought it might be fun, interesting if nothing else, to save all our resciepts and list EVERYTHING that we've bought over a one week period. It'll be a good way to see what we buy against what we need, what we use and what we waste.
Anyone up for it?
Re: What WE BUY in one week
March 18, 2008 09:46AM
I'm in! Starting today!
Re: What WE BUY in one week
March 21, 2008 10:56AM
I am on day #4. I think I'm doing pretty good so far, no dumb purchases. I have had to drive more this week than normal (I'm looking for a new apt) which kinda sucks. But still, not too much driving really.
Re: What WE BUY in one week
March 25, 2008 01:54PM
Okay, here it is:

Day 1:
coffee $1.45
giganto water for all day long $1.39
breakfast $0.80
lunch $2.20
dinner $3.09
prescription medication for my dog $82.91
gas $50.84

Day 2:
coffee $1.45
water $1.39
breakfast $0.95
lunch $1.05
dinner $4.21
weekly organic produce delivery $32.14

Day 3:
coffee $1.45
water $1.39
breakfast $0.80
lunch $0.95
dinner $3.09

Day 4:
coffe $1.45
water $1.39
breakfast $0.95
lunch $0.70

Day 5:
breakfast $2.00
coffee $3.95
lunch $2.40
dinner $5.68
comic books $15.98
cake for party $4.99

Day 6:
dinner for mom's birthday $95

Day 7:
breakfast $2.25
coffee $1.45
tea and cough drops $2.39
lunch $1.05
dinner $4.21
holding deposit on new apartment $100
shopping for toilet paper, paper towels, drinks, and drink mixes for water $21.53

Week Total: $458.92
Re: What WE BUY in one week
March 26, 2008 03:40AM
Gocery Shopping:

Cat food 7.78
Water 1,62
Breakfast Cereal 2,76
Butter 1,05
Olive Oil 1,75
Milk 5,68 (this is two weeks worth)
Soya milk 3,72
Bin Bags 1,35
Scouring sponges 0,80
Bath sponge 0,60
Toothpaste 1,89
Cotton buds 0,36
Mushrooms 1,90
Potatoes 1,50
Jalapeno Peppers 1,05
Cucumber 0,70
Zuccini 1,65
Leeks 1,25
Pumpkin 1,60
Onions 0,80
Spinnach 1,00
Cherry tomatoes 1,15
Avocad0 2,45
Red Pepper 1,00
Green Pepper 0,75
Lettuce 1,00
Egg Plant 0,60
Wholemeal bread1,38
White bread 0,99
Muesli bars 1,55
Crisps 1,00
Baked Beans 1,64
Mushroom sauce 1,89
Spaghetti 1,42
Parmesan 1,59
Black Olives 0,80
Black Beans 1,89
Lentils 1,30
Tinned Mushrooms 1,10
Orange Juice 1,10

TOTAL: 63,25

Health Food Shop:
Tofu 7,50
Mediteranean Tofu 3,50
Soya 2,15
Washing up Liquid 3,45


Take Away Pizza for 3 - 20,80
Tobacco 6,60
Drinks down the pub 50,00 (This was over 4 days not one night!!!)
Friends Birthday Present 15,00
Friends Birthday Present 15,00


This is actually A LOT for me in one week considering my son is here at the moment and I bought things on the grocery list I wouldn't normally buy and TWO of my friends had birthdays!!

Nothings' been wasted at least but a lot of things I don't buy EVERY week as it will last a good long while.
Re: What WE BUY in one week
March 26, 2008 03:20PM
now if only I knew what that meant in dollars.... lol
Re: What WE BUY in one week
March 28, 2008 03:38AM
one US dollar is 63 centimos
goin crazy
Re: What WE BUY in one week
May 21, 2008 04:17AM
I used to buy sooo many more animal products than i thought when i wasn't even Vegetarian!!
I have recently looked through a load of old receipts and I was shocked at the amount of crap I bought, and way more dairy milk than I realised! Cow eye popping smiley
Re: What WE BUY in one week
May 21, 2008 09:19AM
One of the things I have a lot of my patients do is keep a food diary. People are always so amazed to look at what they ate after the fact. They quite often eat more junk and a lot less fruits/veggies than they thought they did. Your looking at receipts reminded me of that. Looking at something after the fact, in black and white, can often be very shocking. Do you feel very good now knowing you're making a lot of changes?

Also, I think when I get a chance I'm gonna do this again, and be specific as to everything I buy, not just by meal, lol.
Re: What WE BUY in one week
May 21, 2008 11:51AM
TT, Yeah actually. I felt stronger and relieved in a way that it made it even clearer how much change i was making..I knew before kinda, and i was glad I was helping make a difference, but the receipts, showed me, I ate a lot more animal products than I thought before and now it jus feels a little more worthwhile seeing all the cruelty free things i got now. I honestly did think before my veganism, I never had a lot of milk stuff. I had LOADS of microwave meals and chocolates in there, etc...but i tried not to use a lot directly from the bottle. eye rolling smiley

Now I see it all!!
Re: What WE BUY in one week
May 25, 2008 08:27PM
I've done a food diary for my assignment, comparing my diet with another teenagers omnivorous diet and I realised that I don't eat that much fruit. So I've doubled my fruit intake. It put it in perspective. I'm trying to show that my diet is healthier and I'm hardly eating any fruit so I've fixed that.
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