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Ecover no longer Vegan
June 07, 2008 04:11AM
A refusal to agree a cut-off date for animal testing has left green cleaning brand Ecover stripped of its Vegan Society logo, according to a recent joint statement.

The Belgian company's biodegradable and phosphate-free products - which include washing-up liquid, washing powder and more - are tested on water fleas and rabbit blood to detect danger, respectively, to aquatic life and human skin.

While the EU definition of animal testing doesn't include invertebrates such as water fleas, the Vegan Society's founding criteria does.

The main sticking point between the charity and eco cleaning business was Ecover's refusal to submit to a cut-off date for specific products to be free of animal-tested products.

Instead, the green cleaning co is continuing a 'five year rolling rule' that means although it pledges not to use today's animal-tested ingredients in its products for the next five years, it could theoretically include them in 2013.

Full story here

Obviously Ecover's main concern and role is providing green cleaning products and solutions. They are not mainly a vegan thinking company they are an environmental friendly thinking company.
I know the Vegan Society has strict rules that companies must abide by and adhere to in order to be allowed to display the Vegan Society logo on their products, it's one of the reasons I love them and trust them so much.

As vegans/vegetarians/animal lovers - will you still buy Ecover products?

Is caring for the environment syonomous with caring about animal welfare?


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Re: Ecover no longer Vegan
June 07, 2008 11:01AM
Hard to say, but who needs Ecover when they're killing other animals and u can make your own little natural products using mixtures of fruits, vinegers and essential oils? Island

Theres other products you can find that are much more mild on the enviroment and suitable for Vegans too....Somewhere, I'm sure.....

I DO Care about the enviroment too but I think my main concern is the animals first. I would rather buy something not tested on animals and no animal ingredients than something mega eco, etc. Disappointed
Re: Ecover no longer Vegan
June 09, 2008 02:40AM
but then if its still the better option over all the other's, will you still buy it?

i know you can still make your own, but if you dont have the time, it may still be yout best option
Re: Ecover no longer Vegan
June 09, 2008 04:28AM
That's a good point Heka.
Whilst there are other, better options available to buy I will spend my money on those companies and NOT Ecover.
Fortunately there are other products out there that are vegan AND earth friendly AND who do not test on animals. That's where my money will be going.
Re: Ecover no longer Vegan
June 09, 2008 08:36AM
Any brands you guys would recommend (preferably that we can buy here in California Chicken
Re: Ecover no longer Vegan
June 09, 2008 02:45PM
I thought Method was Vegan but on closer inspection the labels on their products just say "against animal testing", which, if I'm right, means that whilst they are against it their products contain ingredients that have been tested on animals.
I will have to do some more research on them.

Here's a GREAT link here..

Is there something there you recognise Tatiana?

I will have to post up some home made recipes I have for cleaning products.

*rushes off and does just that!
Re: Ecover no longer Vegan
June 10, 2008 01:39PM
Great link! I don't recognize any of those brands, I'm also gonna look to see if there's a US site (with the dollar being so low I'll get killed on exchange rates buying overseas I think). I really want to look into expanding my soap business to make different types of stuff! I eventually want to go organic but that's gonna be super expensive. goin crazy At least I know my soap I'm using at home is vegan and not tested on animals!

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Re: Ecover no longer Vegan
June 12, 2008 02:42AM
Orange Mate, I'm delighted to say, is not tested on animals and neither do they use ingredients that are tested on animals.
Everyone heard of Orange Mate, right?

This is the email they sent me in reply to my query.

Thank you for your interest in our products. We do pride ourselves on being a company that does not test on animals. Our suppliers are aware that we are a 100% natural company and that we maintain the integrity that our products and their ingredients are not tested on animals. They have assured us that these are plant based ingredients and are not tested on animals. We are supported by PETA.
I hope that answers your question. Please feel free to contact us again with any other questions.

Thank you,
Codie Carpenter
Re: Ecover no longer Vegan
June 12, 2008 12:40PM
Re: Ecover no longer Vegan
June 12, 2008 02:24PM
thumbs up ok.
Re: Ecover no longer Vegan
June 19, 2008 03:03PM

*Waves Pom-Poms* Woooo.
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