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Cruelty Free.....
June 04, 2008 10:07AM
As a vegan who cares about animal welfare, I want my existence to cause no suffering to man nor beast of any shape or size. This is reflected in my diet but recently I've started to see a bigger picture and want to hear other people's views on this.

I try to buy cruelty free products, and in actual fact I was horrified to discover a lot of brands I have in my bathroom are actually owned by companies who DO test on animals). But how far do you guys take this, if indeed this is even an issue for you?

Do you not buy ANY products from a company that is known to test on animals even if the product you buy hasn't directly been tested on animals?

And what about food items?

If a company who tests on animals also sells food items, even though that food doesn't contain animal ingredients and hasn't been tested on animals - do you still buy that product?

All thoughts and opinions greatly appreciated.

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Re: Cruelty Free.....
June 06, 2008 02:33PM
This is something I feel quite a lot about actually and I have thought about it too.

I get confused about some products...Its really quite difficult to explain. The problem is....So many stores and supermarkets support companies and certain campaigns that have used animal testing and cruelty....like take, for example, Tescos - they support cancer research UK that have used thier research to test on animals and what really sucks, is thats the only most convient and closest supermarket for me to shop at. I shop Vegan there, for food and products, but by giving them money I am not exactly being truly vegan then, am I??
I am at heart because I would so boycott tescos and most other shops and stores, etc, for good, if there were some proper ethical supermarkets around here like.....Unicorn in Manchester. I have still never been but its suppose to be totally Vegan. I would Plant them ALL over the world at every corner if I had the power, and other ethical stores!
Its soooooo hard being Vegan nowadays sometimes because of this...There seems to be ONE Unicorn and its in Manchester and I am in Manchester but not thier part of Manchester. I want to cry!! thumbs down

Anyway . . . .Has anyone bought Original Source products at all?? I buy them because they are not tested on animals and they are approved by the Vegan Society and have the logo, but so do PZ Cussons and I think thier company tests. I wanna know more if anyone has more facts about who is really in charge of these products and who makes them....I hate this world today, mostly. Stop the Earth, I want to get off!



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Re: Cruelty Free.....
June 06, 2008 06:02PM
i dont know about tested on animals products but i try to buy local to save on transport costs and cos i know that animals have a pretty good life around here
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