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May 30, 2008 12:22AM
Do you want your laundry clean, soft and fresh naturally?

Use soapnuts!

Environmentally friendly, sustainably produced, bio-degradable and compostable!

Have you ever worried about how your chemical detergents are affecting the environment, but never found the alternatives satisfactory?

Soapnuts are the answer!

Soapnut shells are economical (from only 3 pence a wash compared to 25 pence for a standard non-bio)

They leave your laundry fresh, clean and soft eliminating the need for softeners.

Because they are natural and chemical free they are gentle on your skin and clothes. Suitable for sensitive skin, allergy and eczema sufferers.

Soft enough for your whole family.

Soapnuts grow (wild-crafted) on trees in India and Nepal; the shells contain Saponin a natural soap, the nuts inside are used in the pharmaceutical industry.

UK'ers can get a free sample here just the price of a stamp

For the rest of the world looky here

They can be used for a multiple of purposes as well, not just cleaning laundry.

I got my free sample and I am SO impressed with them - I'm eagerly awaiting my order to arrive.

Hopefully there will be a seed in my order and I can grow my own soapnut tree.

How cool would that be!!

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Re: Soapnuts
May 30, 2008 01:05AM
Awww Treehugger!! You ARE a nut! winking smiley

Thanks....I am gonna order some sample. Mwuaha! X(
Re: Soapnuts
May 30, 2008 09:53AM
I own my own soap business, and I really want to branch out (I currently only make bar soaps for face and body) to make shampoo and laundry soaps. This sounds cool, maybe I'll look more into how they make it!
Re: Soapnuts
May 30, 2008 02:20PM

Grow your own "soapnut" trees!!! tongue sticking out smiley
Re: Soapnuts
May 30, 2008 03:45PM
darky_ Wrote:
> Tatiana,
> Grow your own "soapnut" trees!!! tongue sticking out smiley

Yeah, can I get a tree sample, a sapling, some seeds? eye popping smiley
Re: Soapnuts
May 30, 2008 05:55PM
I don't knoooowww, STEAL ONE!! heheehehhee
Re: Soapnuts
June 06, 2008 05:46PM
they sound good. There's a big homemade, organic shampoo bar/soap/moisturiser shop in one of the arcades in the city. I wonder if they use soap nut
Re: Soapnuts
June 07, 2008 03:03PM
Well I ordered some soapnuts (I just bought the lot...a bunch for 4.00 quid) And i was quite impressed. My clothes were clean. I like that they are mild too. I don't even need strong soaps and crap for my washing anyway. My clothes only ever need a gentle clean...so I say they are awesome. Thanks. Praise

They are worth a try and I am not even bothered about using scents. thumbs up
Re: Soapnuts
June 08, 2008 04:22AM
*hugglepounces Darky

Darky you are the BEST!!!

Re: Soapnuts
June 08, 2008 07:08AM
Hey hey I am sensitive, no diving on me!!

*Holds up 'Life free from' Vegan Worcester Sauce as a weapon* goin crazy

Thank you Tree. YOU are the best... Praise
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