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Ladies only!
May 16, 2008 03:53AM
I have been showing this to a few people and I just feel like sharing to other woman if you haven't seen it! I don't have one yet, but i wanna try one. Anyone else have one or heard of them? The awesome thing about them is they are Vegan!! thumbs up

So anyone interested in them? Shall we all buy one? hehehe!

[www.mooncup.com] Mooncup for the UK woman and [divacup.com] for the US people I think... smiling smiley
Re: Ladies only!
May 16, 2008 04:04AM
I have been using the Mooncup for oh...almost a year now and it's the BEST transition I ever made.

They were a bit fiddly at first (but then again weren't tampons??!!) but once you get the hang of it it's a cinch.

I will NEVER go back to tampons ever.


(Boots sell them ya know Darky - they're about 20 quid).

Work out how much you spend on tampons a month and do the math. What is it about 4 months and you'll be reaping the rewards in more ways than one.

Darky we must have a psychic link 'cos I was gonna post about this a week ago....but you know me...busy busy busy.

Re: Ladies only!
May 17, 2008 11:55AM
YES I heard boots sell em! hehehe I think its cheaper buying online if Boots have em for ?20.... Its under ?20 on here. I wanna have a look in boots though first. {Feels impatient}.
I will look though, but I think I gotta ask for them at the counter. I'm not sure they're on display.......oh well. Nerd

They were a bit fiddly at first (but then again weren't tampons??!!) but once you get the hang of it it's a cinch.
haha, exactly. A lot of people say that and it probably even changes a lot of peoples minds but jeez them tubes won't always push it right in there will they then you have a bloody mess on your hands!? (Pun not intended) moody smiley lol.... And a lot of woman say it can also be messy but I bet sometimes Tampons can be more messy....Not sure about that yet though. What would u say about the messes? Whats worse or are they equally the same in every way puttin' em in & out?

Work out how much you spend on tampons a month and do the math

Theres the Psychic link goin crazy .....I have learnt to do some maths sums this week actually that I have spent years and years trying to remember how to do or figure out and now i got it. But anyway its still hard to say because I don't buy many Tampons that often (like every month).
I mean, I only use a few. More than anything I buy normal Pantyliners and large ones. I would still love to try this mooncup anyway.

Do you still buy pantyliners though? One thing I do wear everyday is pantyliners!! I think I always will unless they invent something smaller and similer to the mooncup and 10X easier to put in everyday too..haha! (Apart from them eco friendly everyday washable things, lol).

I bet I WOULD also save on liners too, i mean......These mooncups are suppose to be cleaner in many ways too so I guess even with no flow or hardly a flow (which I get in bed - nothing) would still be OK to wear(?). Hmm....Yeah. Tampons can just get all dryed and stuck up there and I hate taking clean ones out but you shouldn't wear em too many hours (I mean so then I don't have to wear any pantyliners for bed, which i do only when I'm on....I feel better now.
Thanks Tree!!!! grinning smiley

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Re: Ladies only!
May 19, 2008 02:16PM
This is interesting, I may look into it. I don't use too many sanitary napkins, though, as I do seasonal birth control so I only have my period four times a year instead of twelve.
Re: Ladies only!
May 20, 2008 02:25AM
I went into my local Boots and looked around some, didn't find a mooncup, asked, and they didn't have a clue....hahaha, as a matter of fact - i got funny looks. goin crazy So then I thought, ok fine, I might as well just order it online huh(?) hehehe.

Tatiana...Maybe thats more of a reason to buy a mooncup/Diavcup, so your not loaded on ST's and you can just pop the cup in its little pretty bag till your next month u start! hehehe! grinning smiley
Maybe even then slight extra few ST's can even be bad for the enviroment too at the end of the day. I still haven't ordered one anyway. I prefer to wait till next week when I should get some money go in my bank. smiling bouncing smiley
But i'm due-on now.................confused smiley
Re: Ladies only!
May 20, 2008 03:02AM


grinning smiley

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Re: Ladies only!
May 20, 2008 03:12AM
Try making your own ST's
clickity click

grinning smiley
Re: Ladies only!
May 20, 2008 10:47AM
Oh great site tree, thumbs up
but I don't wanna make my own ST's, I can't be arsed with all that sewing and washing, etc...hahaha besides I'm not even good at it. But great for the people that can. smiling bouncing smiley

And yeah - BAH BOOTS, without the wool................ goin crazy
Re: Ladies only!
May 25, 2008 08:45PM
In my witchy magazine there's adds for hemp pads. I'm gonna have to get them one day and try them out
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