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The Connection between being a Heathen and Veganism
May 09, 2010 05:31AM
At what point in your life did you make that connection between being Vegan and also being a Heathen?

How did you make it?

The transition for me was a difficult one.I went through stages.

I was very angry at myself for not making it sooner. Then I was angry because my friends who are "Pagan" but not "Vegan" are not making the connection. Then I was just angry because there was slaughter and gore all around me and I felt powerless to stop it.

I have settled into the acceptance stage of it now. I am attempting to educate, but not push. I make Vegan meals for work functions and my co workers love them and ask for the recipes. My 8 year old son is Vegan as is my year old grandson and my 27 year old sister.

The local group that I belong to is hosting a public get together in Sept to try and help educate the public. It is akin to a Vegan Pagan Pride Day of sorts...
Re: The Connection between being a Heathen and Veganism
October 06, 2010 12:05AM
I only made the connection a few years ago but I know a lot of pagans who don't even see a connection exists so it's all down to peoples personal paths I guess.
Re: The Connection between being a Heathen and Veganism
January 02, 2011 11:20AM
It's an interesting point for me, as I am Asatru and therefore in the minority as a vegetarian! For me I'm not sure the connection came together, if that makes sense... the reason I stopped eating animals was an incredibly personal one.
Re: The Connection between being a Heathen and Veganism
January 15, 2011 08:54PM
I became a vegetarian long before I started to follow the pagan path.

Most pagan friends I have are huge meat eaters - in their traditions its naturally pagan to eat meat, they see it with me as part of my buddhist influences.

interesting discussion, i find vegetarianism/veganism works for me & friends are happy to share in veggie feasting, but i don't really discuss my views with non veg friends re this.

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