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The link between spirituality and vegetarianism
March 30, 2008 01:18PM
Slightly controversial question perhaps, but does anyone think that all genuine pagans, (heathens) by definition, should be vegetarian or vegan?
I have friends who are not spiritual at all, but vegetarian. I also have some friends who are environmentally minded, spiritual, but would never dream of being a vegetarian, as they consider it their right to eat meat.
I myself am not the militant type of vegetarian who takes the opportunity to remind meat eaters of their cruel and unenvironmental eating habits, but it does me make me wonder how some of us decide that we are at one with the earth by eating eat factory farmed animals.........Any thoughts???
Re: The link between spirituality and vegetarianism
April 02, 2008 02:05AM
I think that pagans should strongly consider being vegetarian or vegan - being pegan is being considerate of all life in any form.though I do agree it is their right to eat meat it doesnt make it right. I dont understand how someone can be for life of all forms when they destroy lives by eating living things. I mean really now that I think about it Pagans should think about being Rawist, living off the energy of uncooked living plants.though I dont force my ideas on people and i do think it is their choice ,i just think you should practice what you preach. and plus meat is so unhealthy for humans to eat anyways.. i cant imaine why you would want to eat it to begin with. I hopw my little rant helps some.
Re: The link between spirituality and vegetarianism
April 02, 2008 03:29AM
Good topic!
Personally I'm not militant in my beliefs OR my reasons for being vegetarian but I think Pagans who eat meat ARE a wee bit hypocritical. Paganism is about revering and respecting nature OF ALL KIND!
I've had this converstaion with a LOT of pagan meat eaters and the counter argument is that everything is within the cycle of life and eating meat is part of that cycle. I'm not convinced about that but it is an interesting thought.
Re: The link between spirituality and vegetarianism
April 02, 2008 09:59AM
toxic_dollie - If you are interested in raw diet and religion/spirituality, check out the Rastafarians. They eat a diet called "I-Tal" which doesn't necessarily mean raw, but many of them do eat a raw diet. In fact, many Rastafarians claim the raw diet originated in Jamaica.
Re: The link between spirituality and vegetarianism
April 02, 2008 01:11PM
I have two good friends who are Rastafarian...it's a lovely way of life and ethics.
Some Rastas do eat meat though...the real strict I-tal eaters will only eat food that is natural and has come from the earth.

Jah Rastafari
Re: The link between spirituality and vegetarianism
April 04, 2008 09:06PM
Well thank you,Tatian for the advice.. i will look into it.
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