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Heathen Vegans and Vegetarians

Heathen Vegans and Vegetarians
For those who like getting back to nature and working in harmony with her. Step inside the stone circle and set your primal instincts free.
Started by: treehugger on Mar 08, 2008


Group Discussion

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Groups to be discontinued
Started by eric on Dec. 25, 2012
Hi Everyone,

We're getting ready to launch a new version of HappyCow in the next couple weeks.
As a result of this redesign we've decided to phase out the group sections.
We're sorry about this, but need to do this to keep HappyCow strong and our focus clear.
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Accidently eating or buying something non-vegan Crying 13 Replies 13 Replies
Started by darky_. Last reply by dixievegan Nov. 5, 2012
So everyone. Since being Veggie, have you ever bought something you never knew had an animal product in it and ate it...?

I have a few times so far and I felt a little horrible. My most recent accident was pineapple and coconut fruit juice....It had milk in it! How stupid anyway! ... Read More »

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The Healthy Vegan DVD
Started by robinhood on Mar. 15, 2012
try The Healthy Vegan video compilation of delicious plant-based and raw food recipes to help you eat to feel good!
This DVD is a must have, if you are a vegan, vegetarian or just looking to reduce or cut out dairy products from your diet.

You will find from using this DVD ... Read More »

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Merry Meet! 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by HaakEye. Last reply by treehugger Jun. 20, 2011
Hi! I'm Amber, and I am a Dianic Witch from Lebanon, Pa. I am a lactose-intolerant vegetarian (I dp eat egg products now and then), and I have been practicing Dianic Witchcraft for 10 years. I just wanted to pop in and introduce myself, and hope to meet other witches on here soon! Blessed Be! :]

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The Connection between being a Heathen and Veganism 3 Replies 3 Replies
Started by Shadowdancer. Last reply by b_willow Jan. 15, 2011
At what point in your life did you make that connection between being Vegan and also being a Heathen?

How did you make it?

The transition for me was a difficult one.I went through stages.

I was very angry at myself for not making it sooner. Then I was ... Read More »