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Vegan friendly MD,s
September 01, 2011 04:34PM
It occurred to me today after reading numerous posts about doctors advising leaner cuts of meat like fish and chicken that something that would be very helpful is a vegan doctor guide. Especially if you could list doctors that are vegan themselves but of course a knowledgeable supportive vegan friendly MD would do for 2nd best. For all the posts I've read online where people don't listen to such advise I've also met people that have followed their doctors advise and gave up on eating vegan. It'd be awesome if the user could input a city/St and get a listing of great place to eat and any vegan friendly MD,s in the area. I know they're out there but we just need to keep a network of info to help each other kind of like happy cow already does.
Re: Vegan friendly MD,s
September 02, 2011 12:00PM
Hi Michael,

It's a good idea. I just wonder if there are enough vegan doctors around to actually warrant a guide?

Will keep this on our list. Thanks, Eric
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