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Find a bug? eye popping smiley 9 Replies 9 Replies
Started by webmaster. Last reply by webmaster May. 30, 2011
Did you find something not working right? Please let me know here and hopefully we can fix it quick Nerd

Thanks! webmaster-eric

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Q & A 10 Replies 10 Replies
Started by webmaster. Last reply by webmaster Dec. 16, 2008
Do you have any questions about how this all works?
It's built pretty straight forward, but if you are wondering how something works, post your question here. smiling smileyRead More »

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Groups to be discontinued
Started by eric on Dec. 25, 2012
Hi Everyone,

We're getting ready to launch a new version of HappyCow in the next couple weeks.
As a result of this redesign we've decided to phase out the group sections.
We're sorry about this, but need to do this to keep HappyCow strong and our focus clear.
Read More »

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Maps 4 Replies 4 Replies
Started by Fibonacci. Last reply by Fibonacci Dec. 20, 2011
The map feature doesn't work for addresses in Colombia - and perhaps many other countries in Latin America.
Is it possible to add a feature to correct restaurant locations if the ones guessed by Google Maps based on the address are wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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Delivery only 2 Replies 2 Replies
Started by Fibonacci. Last reply by Fibonacci Oct. 29, 2011

What would be the right way, if there is one, to list former veg*n restaurants that no longer serve food in place, and currently do only deliveries?
For obvious reasons listing the address would not do much for such a place, and in some cases may not even be available.

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Vegan friendly MD,s 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by MichaelDDickens. Last reply by webmaster Sep. 2, 2011
It occurred to me today after reading numerous posts about doctors advising leaner cuts of meat like fish and chicken that something that would be very helpful is a vegan doctor guide. Especially if you could list doctors that are vegan themselves but of course a knowledgeable supportive vegan ... Read More »

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PNG avatars? 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by Fibonacci. Last reply by webmaster May. 29, 2011
Should PNG images be allowed for avatars?
Mine for example looks terrible when converted to JPG, and GIF simply doesn't have as many colours.

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Preview post feature not working after some time 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by Fibonacci. Last reply by webmaster Jan. 23, 2011
Let's say I take some time to compose a post, reply, or PM (15 minutes at least) on Firefox. Then I click on Preview.
Not only is the previewed message empty, but also the message edit box where my message was supposed to be. Now I have to start again from scratch.

How can ... Read More »

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restaurant search engine 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by skyminator. Last reply by webmaster Jul. 19, 2010
I'm not sure that this is a bug or a feature - the restaurant search engine can't show results without vegan restaurants smiling smiley

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Date 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by animalsrule. Last reply by webmaster Jan. 15, 2010
Dear Webmaster, If you click on view all members( in this group) It says that I joined 9-29-09 though I really joined 4-9-09.

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