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non-violence to all
August 01, 2008 09:06PM
We believe in non-violence, and practise non-violence to animals, including fish. We also refrain from using animal products as in clothes, body care products. As for eggs and milk, it is not so strict but some have begun to be lacto vegetarians. Eggs really are not so good for our health anyway! We also practise filial piety to our parents and in our family as a basis and starting point to love other devotees and fellow human beings as brothers and sisters. In fact, our soul has come from the same SOURCE - GOD - HEAVENLY MOTHER - THE CREATOR! No matter what sex, religious background, race, languages and color we may have. May the light of His Holiness Happy Buddha shine on you all winking smiley
Re: non-violence to all
October 05, 2010 10:01PM
Telaga Veg; Thank you for your much appreciated message.May we hold hands and walk in peace.
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