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Happy Buddha Veggies

Happy Buddha Veggies
Compassion for all beings. Happiness for all beings. Prosperity for all beings. Peace for all beings.
Started by: telaga_veg on Jul 18, 2008


Hi all fellow veggies!

I bring along the message of Happy Buddha to all of you.

May all of us practice happy living in all aspects of our lives and bring happiness to others.

Being a veggie may be 'easy' for some of us, but treating other human being alike humanely and bring happiness to them is a challenge to me!

May the blessing of Happy Buddha bring happiness to us all!

Appreciate your kind attention. Any queries, pls email to the address posted on the website. thanks once again.

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Groups to be discontinued
Started by eric on Dec. 25, 2012
Hi Everyone,

We're getting ready to launch a new version of HappyCow in the next couple weeks.
As a result of this redesign we've decided to phase out the group sections.
We're sorry about this, but need to do this to keep HappyCow strong and our focus clear.
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non-violence to all 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by telaga_veg. Last reply by CandyKisses Oct. 5, 2010
We believe in non-violence, and practise non-violence to animals, including fish. We also refrain from using animal products as in clothes, body care products. As for eggs and milk, it is not so strict but some have begun to be lacto vegetarians. Eggs really are not so good for our health anyway! ... Read More »

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Countries Without Death Penalty's
Started by adam95 on Sep. 21, 2008

for more infomation, please visit www.suprememastertv.com
24/7 positive webcast/ television program.

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Countries with no Army (non-voilent)
Started by adam95 on Sep. 21, 2008

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My Vege Background
Started by EviSien on Sep. 19, 2008
I started not to eat meat & fish since I'm 7 years old. I took a pity for those animals that been "killed" and served on the plates. Until now, my friends always laugh at me and say that I seem like a monk who doesn't eat meat anymore. Is there any ... Read More »